GoNintendo Instagram feature - Smash Bros. 3DS XL pics

This sucker is really, really nice looking. Very glossy and the image print is much higher quality than I expected. I have no problem saying that this is the nicest 3DS XL design I've seen yet!

Platinum talks Bayonetta 2 side-content, characters, potential future for the series (games, movie, manga & more)

Activities besides the main story

Training book
– Challenges in which you fight in a different way compared to the normal play
– More advanced play is required
– Obtain Tears of Blood as a reward
– Accomplishments are registered

– Tears of Blood are also obtainable if you find and catch a crow hidden in every stage
– If you catch a crow you’ll also get a special stamp to use when posting on Miiverse
Other hidden items
-You may obtain hidden items when certain conditions are met
-These conditions include collecting enough Tears of Blood
-Ex: a Chain Chomp weapon which bites enemies within range

– Portals to Muspelheim can be found in stages
– Works like Alfheim in the first game: there are set rules for a fight and if you clear it, you’ll get valuable items
– Rewards include Broken Witch Heart pieces; if you collect four of them, Bayonetta’s maximum health goes up
– There is no penalty if you lose and you can retry as many times as you want
– Even if you can’t clear a Muspelheim challenge, you can continue the main story

Story characters

– A mysterious being who avoids to be seen
– Keeps on watching Bayonetta’s movements, but the reason for this is unknown
– Her strong self-confidence suggests possessing great power
– Her objective is “the left eye of darkness”

The witch of shackles
– A mysterious woman who uses similar moves to Bayonetta’s Bullet Arts
– Has a shackle attacked to each limb
– Aids Bayonetta in a fight against the angelic troops

– Bayonetta 2 sheds light on the roots of witches and sages

Random tidbits

- length of the story is similar to the first game, about ten hours
- that number can increase fivefold with full completion
- no concrete plans for Bayonetta’s future outside of Bayonetta 2
- producer Akiko Kuroda believes that given the chance, they can do anything with the franchise
- this would include manga or short stories
- director Yusuke Hashimoto mentioned that he’s wanted to see a live action Bayonetta movie
- Hashimoto thinks that if there was a third game, it would need a “full model change”
- he also believes the game would have to keep witch time as a base system
- the concept/idea for Bayonetta 2 was to evolve the first game


Shovel Knight - A look at Plague Knight's new animation

This is in preparation for a future update that will let you play as Plague Knight...

New 3DS/Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - more footage

Direct link here

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate getting Animal Crossing crossover content

More screens here

We don't have the specific details just yet, but as you can see in the image above, there's going to be some Animal Crossing content in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'm sure this will be announced for NA/EU versions soon, but as of right now we only have confirmation on the Japanese version.


IGN - The New 3DS LL in the Wild

Road Redemption - more footage

Direct link here

Smash Bros. 3DS - returning character: All Moves, Taunts, & Final Smash

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Ep. 1 DLC detailed

Episode 1 DLC

- will feature three short stories
- brings back characters from past Monster hunter titles
- special rewards await players who beat the quest
- Nyanjiro, the black Felyne with a red eye-patch, blue cape, and small barrel, was in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
- he returns for this DLC
- the Guild Sweetheart from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Yukumo Village will also return
- she has a special reward waiting for you
- Kayamba who appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate returns
- he has an event about an impactful mask
- Cha-Chat will act as some sort of bait against the stinky Congalala

More screens here

Bayonetta - Wii U Vs. PS3 footage

Direct link here

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