GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 453


Another show where MomBrain and I tackle the weekly Nintendo news. We also want to thank everyone that came in to watch the show live and chat with us! Hopefully you had a good time. We certainly enjoyed our time with you!

Download the show here!

Spreecast went through maintenance today and we unfortunately lost the video version of the show. Looks like we'll have to give it another shot next week!

Yo-kai Watch sees official Jibanyan, Robonyan figurines released

Check out more pics of each here

Wondercon - Day 1 cosplay gallery

Check out the gallery here

GameSpot's The Point - Watch Dogs & Misleading Game Trailers

Direct link here

Bit Boy!! ARCADE - review

A portion of a Nintendo Life review...

Bit Boy!! ARCADE is the most accomplished game yet from Bplus, but it's still nowhere near the game it could have been. With a hands-down fantastic soundtrack, a boat-load of charm, and a genuinely insightful celebration of the game development process, there's the ghost of a very good game buried somewhere inside. But confusing design choices, recurring glitches, and boredom that sets in far too quickly make it tough to recommend.

Full review here

GrubberGamer's online deals - April 19th

Nintendo's select 3DS software discounts formally kick off this upcoming April 22nd, but there are already a number of 1st party titles at or below the $29.99 mark, including those featured in today's spotlight!

Nintendo 3DS games under thirty bucks

Being the end of the week, several sales and discounts are scheduled to expire today, Best Buy's Buy 2, Get 1 Free on pre-owned games among them. Gamestop is also running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free on used software priced $20.00 or less - shipping is free with code SAVER on orders of $24.99 or more.

The Wii U Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag discount may also expire - if you haven't already, it's still available for $19.99 from both Best Buy and Amazon.

Best Buy has finally posted their Tomodachi Life pre-order offer - $34.99 with free shipping!

You'll find many more pre-order offers - including those with bonuses - after the jump, like Gamestop's Lego The Hobbit (Wii U) with exclusive Bilbo Baggins Lego mini-figure for $49.99. Plus, all of today's game deals and discounts - thanks for reading!

Read the rest of the story...

Bad Miiverse Posts - Ep. 18

Direct link here

Prismatic/Grant Kirkhope doing Reddit AMA for Hex Heroes later tonight

Sonic Lost World - in-development off-screen pic

Please do not take anything you see in this pic as final, including the graphics and framerate. With that said, we can at least get some idea of what Red Button is looking to do with the HUD and camera placement while you play.


Paper Monsters Recut - another screen

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