Magikarp Jump launches in North America

Train your Magikarp to soar as high as possible in Magikarp Jump! Magikarp now gets its time in the spotlight with this fun app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Feed and develop your Magikarp to maximize its jump power to reach new heights! Can your Magikarp become League Champion?

Kong: Skull Island director reveals Legend of Zelda, Metroid references hidden in the movie

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, has already shared how some of monster designs in the movie are inspired by Pokemon. Now he's taken to Twitter to show off some more inspiration behind items in the film. Pretty damn cool to see him slipping these references in!

My Nintendo - North American update for May 24th, 2017

- Pikmin Theme Working Together – 20 Gold Points
- 15% Discount on Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 3 – 300 Platinum Points
- 30% Discount on Pikmin (Wii U) – 50 Gold Points
- Pikmin 3 Map Pack 1: Collect Treasure! Stages 7-10 – 20 Gold Points
- Pikmin 3 Map Pack 2: Battle Enemies! Stages 7-10 – 20 Gold Points
- Pikmin 3 Map Pack 3: All-New Mission Stages 12-15 – 40 Gold Points
- Complete Access – Pikmin 3 Prima Official Game Guide – 30 Gold Points

Atlanta Braves spend their rain delay playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Atlanta Braves had to wait over 3 hours to win their game against the Pirates due to a rain delay. What did the team do during the delay? They played some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, of course! Participants include Nick Markakis, Ender Inciarte, Sean Rodriguez, Jim Johnson and Jace Peterson. They each played six races, and the winner was decided by who had the most points at the end. According to the team, the combination of Nick Markakis playing as Princess Peach is pretty unstoppable.

Now Boy's Life is getting in on the E3 speculation

I'm going out on a limb here and saying the editors at Boy's Life don't have inside info on E3. I just think it's fantastic that Boy's Life is even talking about E3! Hell, let's hope their predictions of Pikmin and Animal Crossing on Switch are right!

Nintendo may be getting more open with indie devs on Switch

Since Switch launch, we'e heard stories of indie devs working with Nintendo to release games on the Switch eShop, and other indies struggling to get a response from Nintendo. The above tweets from Nintendo's Damon Baker seem to point towards Nintendo being more receptive to indie devs on Switch going forward. Let's hope this will help some of those indie devs finally get a point of contact at Nintendo for their potential Switch titles.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters being adapted into a musical

- being adapted into stage musical by original director Seth Gordon

"Yeah, some scripts have been written - we're actually working on a musical right now, which is pretty great. I think it lends itself to that - there's such a melodrama, and so many of the characters are actually musicians, and the music of the games, too, is a thing."

- one of the songs is Walter Day's own song, 'Museum of Your Heart'
- there will be 15 or more songs
- still hope for a traditional movie as well

"If we were going to do the movie, I'd be open to it, but I always thought it'd be cool to flip the point of view and do it from Billy's perspective, sort of see the whole thing from his point of view. Because at least he believed in his version, very much, so try to see what that'd be like."

Japan - eShop sales update for May 24th, 2017

Shingeki no Kyojin Price Revision (01 June - permanent)

– Shingeki no Kyojin ~Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa~ CHAIN (¥5,378 → ¥3,218) 3DS

Bandai Namco Welcome Price!! Early Price (01 - 28 June then permanent)

– Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble + (¥5,119 → ¥2,721 → ¥3,024) 3DS
– Tales of the Abyss (¥2,980 → ¥2,721 → ¥3,024) 3DS
– Ridge Racer 3D (N/A → ¥2,721 → ¥3,024) 3DS

Cosen Early Sumer Sale (31 May - 14 June)

– Power Disc Slam (¥1,000 → ¥800) 3DS-DL
– Toy Stunt Bike (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS-DL
– Shinobi no Pazuru (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS-DL
– Gu~Nyan (¥200 → ¥160) 3DS-DL
– Magic Hammer (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS-DL
– RV-7 My Drone (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS-DL
– Shift DX (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS-DL
– Sssnakes (¥300 → ¥240) 3DS-DL

AlphadiA Genesis Price Revision (24 May - permanent)

– AlphadiA Genesis (¥1,944 → ¥1,080) Wii U-DL

Tobidasu! Nyanko Daisensou 500,000 Download Achievement Sale (24 May - 07 June)

– Tobidasu! Nyanko Daisensou (¥777 → ¥621) 3DS-DL

CardFight!! Vanguard G 50% Off Campaign (17 - 31 May)

– CardFight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!! (¥6,458 → ¥3,229) 3DS