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Pokémon Ga-Olé arcade game - more info

- developed by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. and Marvelous AQL
- uses plastic cards for battling
- has a 50-inch display oriented in a portrait configuration
- 50 "Olé Cards" will be available at a launch
- cards feature QR codes and other stats relevant to each Pokémon
- rest your cards on a special rack before inserting them into the machine's dual card slots

Classic Super Mario Land 2 dev interview looks at the creation of Wario

A portion of a classic Super Mario Land 2 interview with director Hiroji Kiyotake...

Q: What was the idea behind Wario?

Kiyotake: We imagined Wario as the Bluto to Mario’s Popeye. The truth is, we kind of came up with the idea of the name first, and everything else came after. Since he was a “warui” (bad) guy, he should be Wario. And we had the idea to flip the M upside down. To our surprise, the idea was a big hit with everyone on the team.

Q: What was your process for creating the character of Wario?

Kiyotake: Whenever I had the idea for a character—not only Wario—the first thing I would do is talk it over with Hosokawa. If he thought it was cool, I’d present it to the rest of the staff. Then, once I thought the idea could work, I’d discuss the details of the sprite animation and movement with Harada. That’s the process I went through for Wario and all the other characters in SML2. Granted, there were a lot of direct rejects, or characters that no one took a liking to.

Q: Can you tell us about Wario’s past/origins?

Kiyotake: There’s been a rumor going around the Wario was childhood friends with Mario, but it’s just a rumor: I don’t know if it’s true or not. His favorite food is crepes. That much seems true…

Thanks to Megashock100 for the heads up!

SEGA survey asks about Sonic crossover games, includes Nintendo mention

SEGA wants to know what brands you want to see Sonic cross over with, according to a latest survey. As you can see in the image above, Nintendo is listed as a possibility. Remember, this survey doesn't mean these ideas are actively pursued, but at least it's a possibility.

Antipole DX - latest trailer, delay explained, cross-buy being considered

A portion of a 4cr interview with Saturnine Games...

4cr: On that note, it is time to catch up on all things Antipole DX. The game was supposed to see a release last year, but here we are on May 2016 and the game isn’t out yet. What happened?

SG: We had two big issues that led to the delay. The first was that we were unable to reuse as much work from the original game as I had originally intended. We began by updating the controls and replacing the core graphics. As the new game started to come together, we quickly realized that we wouldn’t be able to just reuse the old level designs as is and would have to recreate them from scratch. Once we began down that path, I ended up extending the levels and changing the parts I wasn’t thrilled with. My least favorite levels from the original were removed and replaced with new ones. This was in addition to the new levels I planned to add from the start.

The other issue leading to the delay was due to adding features. At the start, I had a list of ideas that I didn’t consider essential, but wanted to add if we had time. As we continued along with development, I started to feel that a lot of those ideas really needed to be in the game. If I was going to take the time to make this game a second time, I shouldn’t leave anything out.

4cr: With Mutant Mudds Super Challenge launching day and date on Wii U and 3DS and as a cross-buy release, are you considering something similar for Antipole DX?

SG: I’m a big fan of cross-buy, so I’d really like to do it. I haven’t asked Nintendo about it yet though, so I can’t confirm that it’ll happen, but we’ll see!

Capcom - Spring Sale on Wii U/3DS eShop

Wii U games:

Resident Evil Revelations - $9.99
Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - $5.99
Ducktales: Remastered - $5.10
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - $13.59

3DS Games:

Mega Man Legacy Collection - $9.99
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - $4.99
Resident Evil Revelations - $4.99
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - $13.99
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - $4.99

Monster Hunter Stories - ride actions, bond moves detailed

Ride Actions

- actions you can have your Otomons perform while exploring
- break rocks (in order to enter a cave, for example)
- become invisible (to sneak past enemies)
- swim on water
- fly in the air
- use vines to climb

Kizuna Moves (lit. Bond Moves)

- actions you can have your Otomons perform while in battle, thanks to your Kizuna Stone (Bond Stone)
- special attacks your Otomons can launch when you’re riding them
- first need to fill up a gauge
- fill it up to three times

Monster Name / Ride Action / Kizuna Move

Velocidrome: Jump, Dosu Rush (most likely Velocirush in English)
Arzuros: Rock Smash, Salmon-Hunting Claw
Lagombi: Rock Smash, Grind Spin
Yian Kut-Ku: Rock Smash, Reverse Ball
Congalala: Ivy Climb, Aeroblast
Khezu: Howl, Furu Spark
Rathian: Nest Knowledge (an ability that helps with finding nests with eggs to collect), Flame Saber
Tigrex: Ivy Climb, Tiger Impact
Diablos: Move Through Earth / Dig, Blos Cyclone
Rathalos: Fly, Sky-High Fall
Zinogre: Jump, Cross Hi-Volt
Royal Ludroth: Fish Knowledge (an ability that helps with fishing), Moonsault Shower
Qurupeco: Call, Peco Bomb Rain
Brachydios: Super Rock Smash, Brachy Blast Blow
Kirin: Jump, Phantasm Horn
Lagiacrus: Move On Water / Swim, King’s Storm
Nargacuga: Stealth Move, Spiral Edge
Aptonoth: Plant Knowledge (an ability that helps with collecting herbs), Slipping Dive

Runbow dev blog - Weird Bugs and What to Do With Them

It’s been over two years now since development of Runbow began in 2014’s Global Game Jam, and over six months since the game was released. During all that time we have found bugs aplenty. Runbow is a huge game, with tons lots of mechanics and modes, nine-player multiplayer both local and online, very refined gameplay and physics… and two coders. Bugs were to be expected! In this post I will explain a few of them as examples of their diversity, the many ways you can approach fixing them, and how funny they happen to be sometimes.

Full blog here