GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 516

Man, we had a jam-packed show this week! Lots to talk about in top stories, big news for GoNintendo in general, plus we cram in what we've play, tweets from you guys and our music trivia section! We even start off the show with some (terrible) fireworks!

Download the show here

Splatoon making some Splatfest cat/dog teams face off against the same team

With North America's Splatoon Splatfest, it's supposed to be team cat vs. team dog. Most of the time, that's how things work out. Unfortunately it seems sometimes there's an issue where two cat teams or two dog teams are made to face each other. Nintendo is aware of this issue and has said it was implemented to speed up matchmaking.

Zero Escape 3 - key art, a few more details

- involves a group of people training to go to Mars
- fan support for the franchise pushed this third game into development
- this entry will make you reevaluate your values
- Uchikoshi does not work on puzzle development
- dev Kazutaka Kodaka already knows the ending to the game and says it's mind-blowing

EU - Monster Hunter Diary: Felyne Village on the Edge now on the Nintendo Anime Channel

For those in Europe, you can now check out some Monster Hunter Diary anime content on the Nintendo Anime Channel. For those of us in North America, we can enjoy the content via YouTube!

Another look at the Fire Emblem Fates Soleil controversy from a Western dev living in Japan

This video comes from Adam Evanko, a Western developer who lives in Japan and works at a Japanese game company. He's taken the time to look into the Fire Emblem Fates controversy with Soleil and explain it as best he can.

Suda51 on potential future of No More Heroes, Killer7

- No More Heroes 3 is requested by a a lot of fans
- Suda wanted to create something where Travis does something else outside of Santa Destroy
- he's hoping fans will wait another 15-30 years to see what happens
- Suda isn't too interested in making sequels, but he does have a lot of ideas for Travis
- hopefully, or definitely No More Heroes 3 will happen
- Killer7 characters could pop up in another game, with something maybe happening within the next 3 years
- Suda isn't sure if something will actually happen