Collectible Badge Center - badge update for March 30th, 2017 (update coming)

- four new panels for Animal Crossing
- four new panels for Pokémon
- new update has been teased for tomorrow

GoNintendo - My Parents Play: Shovel Knight

This episode was recorded back in February, and I just now got around to editing. Things have been a tad busy lately, so I offer my sincere apologies! Hopefully you'll find the episode worth the wait.

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Insomniac says no plans for Song of the Deep on Switch

That's too bad, as I would love to check the game out. I plan on grabbing it eventually, but I would have loved to do so on Switch.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 hitting North America sometime in April

As you most likely know, Urban Trial Freestyle 2 launched in Europe today. Where's the North American release? The team behind the game says they're aiming to get the title out stateside sometime in April. When they lock down a specific date, we'll be sure to share it with you.

GAME shares why they think consumers are flocking to Switch

A portion of a GamesIndustry interview with GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs and CFO Mark Gifford...

GI: Speaking of Nintendo, you seem to have high expectations for Nintendo Switch going forwards, which is notable considering the rather poor performance of Wii U. Why do you have such confidence?

Gibbs: The appetite that we have seen for the Switch console has, I think, been driven around the usability and exactly what the console is. You only have to play Zelda on-the-move - as you will have done - and you get it in a nanosecond. For me, it is worth the money just to get that [Zelda] experience in a large-screen mobile version. The concept is very strong and obviously having a launch game with a Metacritic of 97 is wholly helpful. I think the fact that we know what games are coming - we know we have Mario Kart, and then Splatoon 2 and then Super Mario Odyssey - is a good reason why people want to buy the console.

Mario Sports Superstars - a look at every Japanese amiibo card

Check out the entire lineup here

I haven't picked this up yet, and impressions show me it's not all that great, but I usually like golf games no matter what. Can I really justify the purchase of this game for a single mode?!

Super Bomberman R - web commercial

Man...I think this commercial is all that's needed to get people excited about the game. Air this sucker on TV in the states!