7th Dragon III Code: VFD - opening movie, voice cast revealed, character art

Character art here

- song used is called ChRoNiClESeVeN, with vocals by Annabel, and music, lyrics and arrangement by sasakure
- party will consist of 9 characters
- 40 battle voices in the game

Female voices

– Kanae Ito
– Marina Inoue
– Maaya Uchida
– Yuuko Kaida
– Emiri Katou
– Hisako Kanemoto
– Ai Kayano
– Minako Kotobuki
– Rina Satou
– Mitsuki Saiga
– Miyuki Sawashiro
– Asami Seto
– Yukari Tamura
– Aki Toyosaki
– Saori Hayami
– Youko Hikasa
– Nao Touyama
– Yui Horie
– Mizuki Nana
– Aoi Yuuki

Male voices

– Kaito Ishikawa
– Akira Ishida
– Kouki Uchiyama
– Ryouta Ousaka
– Akio Outsuka
– Nobuhiko Okamoto
– Daisuke Ono
– Yuuki Kaji
– Hiroshi Kamiya
– Takahiro Sakurai
– Nobunaga Shimazaki
– Tomokazu Sugita
– Ryota Takeuchi
– Takuma Terashima
– Kazuya Nakai
– Yuichi Nakamura
– Daisuke Namikawa
– Keiji Fujiwara
– Mamoru Miyano
– Daiki Yamashita

PriPara Mezase! Aidoru ☆ Grand Prix No.1! coming to 3DS

- due out in Japan on Oct. 22nd
- priced at ¥5,400 for the retail version and ¥4,900 for digital (excluding tax)
- rhythm action title with a ton of Style Savviness
- official site at http://pripara.jp/3ds_no1/

Poisoft bringing Mono Shadow Quest to 3DS

- no release date or price at the moment
- labeled a 'stand out and die' RPG
- teaser site at http://www.poisoft.co.jp/monokage/

RUMOR - NX won't be as powerful as PS4

As usual, rumors from Tamaki come with a bit of weight behind them. Tamaki has repeatedly shown that he is able to obtain massive amounts of previously unknown information on multiple Nintendo projects. With that said, this info is still considered rumor.

3DS versions of Dragon Quest VII, VIII may be getting localized

There seems to be a healthy bit of confusion going on with some statements made by Square-Enix's Yuji Horii earlier today. Mr. Horii was at the Japan Expo, and we're hearing reports that he stated that the 3DS remakes of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII were going to get French localizations. That would seem to point a releases around the rest of the world, as Square-Enix wouldn't just translate into French only. The only problem is, another interview states that Horii mentioned that Square-Enix is 'thinking about' localizing those titles. So...is it happening or not? You can see why there's a bit of confusion, but hopefully Square-Enix comes forward with a statement soon.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon- Live Action Commercial

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!