Collectible Badge Center - badge update for March 23rd, 2017

- six panels of Monster Hunter XX badges featuring Nikki, Ashley and Baito
- four more panels of pixelated Pokémon badges
- free plays every day until April 7th

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for March 23rd, 2017

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- Spring badges featured all week
- 8-bit Super Mario Bros. Spring theme offer (available all week)
- 1 FREE play being given away
- 3 returning sets of Animal Crossing badges
- 4 returning sets 8-bit Super Mario Bros. Spring badges
- 1 returning set of Nikki and Friends badges
- Spring Pokémon badges now available (3 sets to collect)
- 5 returning sets and 4 new sets of pixel Pokémon badges (2nd, 3rd, 8ht, and 9th sets are new)
- 2 returning sets of Splatoon badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Nintendo of America opens official Tumblr for Treehouse team

Welcome to the official blog of the Nintendo of America Treehouse team. We wear a LOT of hats, but in a nutshell, we help Nintendo make great products and promote them. All day, every day, we work on video games. We LOVE what we do.

Check out the Tumblr here (thanks Seven5three!)

Little Inferno multiplayer patch is live

Never had the chance to play Little Inferno. I can't let the game pass me by again now that it's on Switch. Perhaps I should grab a friend this weekend and give it a go.

Random Time! - Modders Turn a Chevy Volt Into a Mario Kart 64 Controller

A Raspberry Pi with a CANbus shield plugs between the OBD2 port and a laptop running an N64 emulator. Software on the Pi maps control positions in the car to controller actions in the game.

RUMOR - Zelda: Breath of the Wild's framerate issues are related to software bugs, not hardware power

Coming from a dev at Bplus Games...

Most of the frame-rate issues in Zelda are just programming failures. If Nintendo sets the right people to it they can totally fix them.

Some dev friends and I have the same feeling about that. Because sometimes it is just a specific zoom ratio that makes the frame-rate drop. Just zoom in a bit closer or further away and it runs super smooth.

The problem is that the game wants to show both near and far LOD (Level of Detail) objects. This is a frame-rate killer if two objects are in each other. To show that, it would need around 10 times the power.

And if you see Kakariko Village, the framerate hell there, and then the more beautiful Hateno Village, which runs super smoothly, you see that doesn’t make sense. So something else is going wrong there.

Yet another wrinkle in the discussion of Breath of the Wild's framerate hiccups. There's even more said by the unnamed Bplus dev, which you can check out right here. If this is indeed true, it'll be interesting to see if Nintendo sends out a patch that fixes the hiccups. I'm not anywhere near qualified to discuss whether this bug discussion is a valid one or not, but it's certainly interesting.

Australia - Super Bomberman R eShop price raised to $89.95 AUS

From launch of the Switch until now, Super Bomberman R was priced at $65 AUS on the eShop. In stores, the game was running $89.95 AUS. It seems like Konami had listed the original eShop price in error, and now they've changed the eShop price to $89.95 AUS. To those who got in on the eShop price when it was lower, congrats!