U.S. - Top 5 TV gaming commercial spots for June 16th to July 15th, 2016

- Nintendo held the second place position for overall spend
- spent just over $1.3 million running nine spots 1,110 times
- commercials hit over 30 percent of the industry’s digital response
- generated over 108 million impressions on TV
- earned over 3.6 million online views, 11,700 searches, and 3,400 social actions
- most engaging ad was “Teams,” for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
- over 1.1 million of the brand’s online views were tied to this commercial

LEGO Dimensions - Fantastic Beasts, Sonic, Gremlins, E.T. & Adventure Time info

- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them story pack lets you play through the whole movie
- Sonic the Hedgehog level pack will deliver a complete, playable level from the Sonic series
- Fantastic Beasts story pack will include six levels and a new Lego gateway
- pack also includes a Newt Scamander Lego minifigure, which will be able to use a variety of spells in the campaign
- spells include Diffindo, Reparo and Lumos
- also get a Niffler, which can be rebuilt into the Sinister Scorpion and Vicious Vulture
- includes a Tina Goldstein minifig, which can cast Aguamenti and Protego
- includes a 3-in-1 Swooping Evil creature, which can be rebuilt into the Brutal Bloom and Crawling Creeper
- Sonic the Hedgehog level pack level has you race through locations from the games
- locations include Green Hill, Emerald Coast and Labyrinth
- includes a 3-in-1 Sonic Speedster, which can be rebuilt into Blue Typhoon and Motobug
- includes a 3-in-1 Tornado, which can be rebuilt into Crabmeat and Eggcatcher
- Gremlins team pack includes minifigs of Gizmo and Stripe
- Gizmo can combat roll and dash, and Stripe, which can claw and vine-cut
- pack also includes a 3-in-1 R.C. Racer, which can be rebuilt into the Gadget-o-matic and Scarlet Scorpion
- includes a 3-in-1 Flash ‘n’ Finish which can be changed into a Rampage Record Player and Stripe's Throne
- E.T. fun pack includes an E.T. minifig, which has illumination and fix-it abilities
- also has special stealth and telekinesis skills
- includes a phone-home device, which can be rebuilt into a mobile uplink and super-charged satellite
- Land of Ooo fun pack includesa minifig of Marceline the Vampire Queen, who has sonar smash and bolt deflector abilities
- Marceline can also use her ax guitar to solve puzzles
- includes Marceline’s Lunatic Amp, which can be turned into the Shadow Scorpion and Heavy Metal Monster

Pokémon TCG and Video Game Worlds Qualifiers Announced

The US Pokémon National Championships have concluded, wrapping up all the Championship Point-earning competitions for the 2016 Championship Series season. With these events complete, the list of qualified invitees to the 2016 Pokémon World Championships has been set.

These Pokémon TCG and video game players have earned the opportunity to come to San Francisco this August 19–21 to compete for the title of Pokémon World Champion.

Pokémon TCG

Pokémon Video Game

The Pokkén Tournament World Championships qualifiers will be finalized on July 25th. We'll have a lot more on the Pokémon World Championships as we get closer to the event. Be sure to keep checking Pokemon.com/Worlds for updates

Nordic Games confirms Darksiders remaster for Wii U

The following information comes from Nordic Games' Pelle Lundborg...

- will cost 20 Euros
- will have some sort of online interaction, which could just end up being Miiverse features
- will come in both physical and digital format
- due out last quarter of 2016
- new line of Darksiders merchandise coming as well

Thanks to Aliasss for the heads up!

Splatoon - more final Splatfest footage

Thanks to Snorth93 for the heads up!

GameStop holding Pokemon GO lure events once again this weekend

Select GameStop Stores will be dropping Lures every two hours starting at 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, July 23 and 24!

Check out participating locations here

Honda shows of Sonic Civic at Comic-Con

To celebrate 25 years of Sonic, Honda created a one-off Sonic Civic to show off at Comic-Con. What I really want to know is, where is this car going to go after the big event? I guess to SEGA HQ, but I wish SEGA/Honda would give fans a chance to win it!

Pokemon Sun/Moon devs talk gameplay, Pokemon brand, Pokemon GO & more

Coming from a Famitsu interview with director Shigeru Omori and producer Junichi Masuda...

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, a brand-new game where everything has evolved

– As mentioned at E3 2016, the director for Sun and Moon is not Masuda, but instead Omori. It was the same case with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, though this is the first time Omori became a director of a brand new game (new generation).
– Masuda reminisced on how Satoshi Tajiri was the director of Red and Green, then handed that position to him afterwards. The important points on making a brand new game are how to insert the world setting and gameplay, and challenging technical things that should be done. Masuda would like to pass on that spirit of challenge to the next era, which was why after Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire ended, Masuda asked Omori to ‘do the next brand-new game.’
– When Omori became a director for the first time with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, he felt it was both hectic and interesting at the same time, because he could make a game as he wished. When there were talks of him becoming a director for Sun and Moon, he wondered if he could really do it, because when it comes to a brand new game, there are many things that must be considered, including the world setting and the new Pokemon. He has worked hard and believes that Sun and Moon will be very interesting.

– The aspect Masuda wanted to point out in the E3 demo gameplay was how the player is now able to move freely without anymore grid/directional restrictions. Due to that fact, they had to revamp opponent trainers’ line of sight on routes. When the player is getting closer to the trainer’s line of sight, the screen will have dark borders, and it will then have an exclamation mark when the trainer has player on their sight.
– Omori noticed that the new field movement, battle scenes, user interface, and more have mostly been received positively, so he feels relieved.
– Keen veteran players may notice that quality of the gameplay is being naturally revolutionized with just a subtle hint with the free field movement.

– Masuda also points out another aspect, which is that the sea and sky that can be viewed from the field. They added more sense of reality by things like displaying time progression from day to night, or hearing the sound of waves when nearby the sea.
– They also made many measures to improve the gameplay tempo.
– It may be hard to notice from the gameplay footage, but they used a new visual engine for this game, totally different from what was used in X and Y, which allowed them to represent things more leisurely as well as showing trainers all the time during battles.
– Despite still staying on 3DS, by massively evolving the game’s internals, Omori thinks they could evolve the game bigger than what was seen. When they were making X and Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, they went until the technological limit they could manage, and the same also applies with Sun and Moon.

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