Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance unused content found

Check out footage of the hidden area at the 2:53:29 mark...

Based on the code and elements found in the hidden area, it seems there was a plan to include some Treasure Planet content in this game. For whatever reasons, the content was cut before the final game made it out the door.

Europe - Alien on the Run hitting 3DS on Aug. 4th

Escape from an alien UFO, dodging tractor beams that patrol the ship and making use of alien devices!

Delude was an alien on a faraway planet doing his usual alien-like business when all of a sudden a UFO whisks him off into outer space. Desperate to get back to his own planet he begins his escape from the UFO where he is being held captive.

Take control of Delude in his comical great escape, avoiding the tractor beams that patrol the ship and making use of strange alien devices!

Take down the tractor beams with Delude’s hilarious “Fever Action” by diving into them and quickly pulling off a take-down move. Make use of the weird and wonderful alien devices such as giant rolling wheels, punch bags and mechanical launch arms!

Find a way through each area of the UFO littered with traps including roundabouts, speedwalkways and punch boxes as you race against the clock to reach the exit before the time runs out!

Comical escape action, alien style!

Escape from 17 different zones of the UFO!

Enjoy countless Fever Action poses!

Experience lots of bizarre alien devices!

Splatoon Koshien 2017 details coming next week

- details will come from a livestream on NicoNico
- info on date and location for the qualification tournament and the grand finale
- rules for each tournament
- attended by the following special guests:

Miyokawa (from Famitsu magazine)
Squid Research Lab researcher

- livestream will take place on August 6th, at:

Europe: 1PM
UK: 12PM
North America (EST): 6AM
North America (PST): 3AM
Japan: 8PM