Anima: Gate of Memories still coming to the Wii U, coming after other versions

This comes directly from the developers, who commented about the matter on YouTube...

''Again, no. We really plan to release it on WiiU. The only problem is that we wanted to release the WiiU version along the other consoles, and it is right now impossible for us, so we will work on it once the other versions are ready.''

Roving Rogue - review

This is part of a NWR review for Roving Rogue...

There is potential in Roving Rogue with its unique narrative presentation and teleporting platforming ideas, but it’s squandered by a middling execution. With a glut of superior platformers out there, this is a Wii U eShop game worth passing over.

Garfield Kart - review

This is part of a NintendoLife review for Garfield Kart...

This game is Garfield in likeness only; remove Garfield and you're left with a bland, horribly un-balanced Kart game (that's either way too easy or frustratingly hard) with no multiplayer options. Sounds good? No, of course it doesn't. Looking for a Mario Kart style game for your Nintendo 3DS? Just buy Mario Kart.

Splatoon - Japanese results for the second Splatfest

The results for the second Japanese Splatfest are in! The Green Tanuki team won 53% of its matches, while 67% chose to represent Red Kitsune. The latter team took the overall win and can look forward to even more prizes as a result.

Dragon Quest VIII - first print copies include Dragon Quest's sword

If you purchase a first print copy of Dragon Quest VIII in Japan, you will get a code for something rather special. You will be able to download the sword of the hero from the very first Dragon Quest game. You can see a picture for it above!