RUMOR - Smash Bros. Wii U's Switch port to include new characters

My goodness, I guess today is the BIG day for juicy Switch rumors from reputable sources! Certainly sounds plausible to me. Time to get excited all over again!

Urban Outfitters sells out of NES Classic Edition

Remember when we posted about Urban Outfitters having the NES Classic Edition in stock today? Well they did have it, and they even shared the purchase link via a special social media account...and even with all that, the item sold out right away. Another opportunity came and went. We'll be sure to fill you in on the next chance to purchase an NES Classic Edition, whenever that may be!

New Super Luigi U Miiverse community suffers from ongoing hacks

For whatever reason, the New Super Luigi U Miiverse community has been the focus of some hacks lately. There's nothing malicious being thrown out there, but it's still facing hackers injecting their own content onto portions of the Miiverse. Nintendo is doing their best to combat the issue, but it seems to only egg hackers on more. Poor Luigi just can't catch a break.

Qbby - amiibo packaging

I don't think there's ever been an amiibo that I need more. This better come stateside! I have faith in you, Nintendo...

RUMOR - Koei Tecmo pitched Star Fox Warriors to Nintendo, but nothing came of it

The following comes from Laura Kate Dale...

- Koei Tecmo wanted to work on a Star Fox-themed Warriors title
- there would have been a focus on melee combat
- some space combat would have been included as well
- no motion controls
- missions would have alternated between ground combat and a simplified space combat system
- it was going to be "visually over the top”
- Nintendo turned down the idea “due to questions regarding the future of the brand”
- no specific platform was mentioned
- Koei Tecmo still wants to work on another Warriors game with Nintendo, and Nintendo is interested as well

Kids surprised with real-life Mario Kart track

We built a real life Mario Kart track for two little Nintendo fans that absolutely love the Mario Kart series. Since we were kids and played Super Nintendo's original and Mario Kart 64 it's been a dream come true to create this Mario Kart course for the next generation.

GameStop - Pre-Order Dragon Quest VIII and receive the Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Pouch

Pre-Order Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King at GameStop and receive the Dragon Quest VII 3DS Pouch!

While Supplies Last. Not valid on Digital.

Online Customers: Item will ship with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be available at time of pick-up.

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Pokemon Comaster - update available

- new event available
- event is a repeat of the Queen's Cup carnival with a variety of new prizes
- prizes include Pikachu, Electivire, Jigglypuff and Darkrai figures
- runs until December 20th 2016

Pokemon Shuffle - content update for Dec. 6th, 2016

Pokémon Shuffle - Events

- Mega Abomasnow competitive stage
- First, the top 600 in North America, 500 in Europe & 2,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 3 Mega Speedups & 3 Raise Max Level
- top 1800 in North America, 1,400 in Europe & 6,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 2 Mega Speedups & 2 Raise Max Level
- top 4500 in North America, 3,400 in Europe & 15,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 1 Mega Speedup & 1 Raise Max Level
- top 9000 in North America, 6,800 in Europe & 30,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 1 a Mega Speedup and a Skill Booster M
- top 14,000 in North America, 10,000 in Europe & 45,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 1 Exp Booster L & 1 Disruption Delay
- top 18,000 in North America, 14,000 in Europe & 60,000 in Japan will get a Abomasite and 1 Disruption Delay
- top 24,000 in North America, 18,000 in Europe & 80,000 in Japan will get an Attack Power and a Disruption Delay
- all other players get a Disruption Delay
- special stage has begun for the Pokémon Tyrantrum and runs until December 13th 2016
- Emboar stage has begun a repeat run until December 20th 2016
- Infernape stage has begun a repeat run until December 20th 2016