Nintendo granted patent for 'Supplemental Computing Device'

We covered this 'Supplemental Computing Device' patent submission awhile back, but now Nintendo has been granted the patent for North America. This patent seems to refer to a Supplemental Computing Device that can communicate with other like devices to draw power from them. As with all Nintendo patents, we may never see this actually used in a real-life application from Nintendo.

Pokémon GO - catch region-exclusive Pokémon via egg hatching

Looks like you don't have to travel the world to get region-exclusive Pokémon. A couple players have come forward with accounts that show region-exclusive Pokémon being caught from hatched eggs. You'll have to get very lucky to get a region-exclusive Pokémon this way, but at least now we know it's possible. Cancel that trip to Europe and get ready to do a TON of walking in your neighborhood!