Yooka-Laylee character art - Corplet Drone

I'm hoping one of these days, we get to find out when this title is coming to Switch. I'm so eager to play, but I need to know when that's going to happen!

Living history farm museum challenges Nintendo to cow-milking competition after seeing 1-2 Switch, Nintendo accepts

Oh man, I hope Nintendo is serious about accepting this challenge. Let's see if they can actually put something together!

Splatoon pro players share their hopes for Splatoon 2

Coming from competitive Splatoon player Octodad...

“It doesn't take long to realize that some more attention is needed in the finer details. The collective Splatoon audience wants to see more than two playable maps at any given time, as well as weapon adjustment during online lobbies.”

Check out the interview here

Parrots being added to Minecraft

As confirmed by a dev at Mojang, parrots are going to be added to Minecraft in a future update. Also, if you were wondering, you'll be able to tame the parrots. No word on when to expect their release.