Gurumin 3D set for NA release on Oct. 13th

- Mesmerizingly beautiful graphics in stereoscopic 3D
- Non-linear game play across 30+ stages set in a wide variety of environments
- 90 items to collect, 48 unique enemies, and 24 engaging and enjoyable characters to interact with
- Challenging boss battles, puzzles, traps, and mini-games galore
- Hidden characters, alternate gameplay modes, and other secrets to unlock
- All-star voice cast including Amber Hood, Tara Strong, Dee (Bradley) Baker, Robin Atkin Downes, and more
- A rockin’ soundtrack that’s also available on iTunes

Gurumin 3D is set to release in North America on Oct. 13th, with a European release not too long after that.

Volcanion distribution set to hit GameStop this October

Flight of Light hits Kickstarter goal

Flight of Light's modest Kickstarter goal of $3,240 has been hit with a few hours to spare, which means the game will be heading to Wii U. We'll keep tab on any dev updates from here on out.

NES Classic Edition controller cords are roughly 3 feet in length

Well here's a bit of a headache with the NES Classic Edition. It seems that the controller cords are about 3 feet in length. That's really not a lot of space between you and the system. Obviously, NES controller cords were a lot longer. I guess you'll have to be willing to get nice and cozy with your NES Classic Edition...or buy yourself a long HDMI cord!