Sweden gets a new Mario statue

They had one before, but now it's been upgraded in a major way. That new version is looking extra swanky!

Zero Time Dilemma - watches now being sent to retailers

RPG Maker Festival - download/play user-created games for free

Maker Player

- free app
- lets you play RPG Maker Festival content created by other users

Monster Hunter Stories - collab content, transferring Otomon skills, more screens

Special collaboration for Monster Hunter Stories

- get a special costume for Nabiru, based on the hoodie Umaru-chan wears in Himouto! Umaru-chan (manga / anime)

Transferring skills from one Otomon to another

- accomplished via an ancient ceremony

- this lets the Otomon learn skills it normally couldn’t

- place some “balls” on a grid and manage to make lines with your balls

- if you do, you will unlock a skill, to be transferred

More screens here