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Still a chance for Untold Story to hit Wii U, says dev

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with dev Joshua Temblett...

NL: You've previously stated that you'd be interested in releasing Untold Story for the Wii U, is this still being considered? Additionally, would you consider bringing The Empty Inn to Nintendo platforms?

JT: I would love nothing more than to bring Untold Story to the Wii U. Whilst I can't commit to anything right now; it is at the forefront of my mind. If I can get the funding I need, then I have every intention of releasing Untold Story on a Nintendo platform. With regards to The Empty Inn, right now, I have no plans to release it on Nintendo platforms. It's quite experimental and I would rather spend time on Untold Story and getting that on Nintendo platforms.

Random Time! - Kansas City Chiefs relax with Mario Kart 7 in their downtime

Compete against other teams when you're out on the field, compete against one another when you're in the locker room! Let's hope this doesn't lead to any fights out on the field!

REPORT - Iowa men accused of threatening Pokemon championships denied bail

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo await their dangerousness hearing at Boston Municipal Court, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. The Iowa men, accused of making online threats of violence against the World Pokemon Championships competition in Boston, were ordered held without bail Tuesday after Judge Thomas Horgan rejected arguments by their lawyers that their comments amounted to idle online bravado. (Angela Rowlings/The Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

Thanks to AceBandage for the heads up.