You can't use the Switch's screen for a second screen experience

Coming from a Nintendo rep...

“Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose.”

In other words, there's one screen in use when playing and you can't use another screen to get a second experience. You play on TV or you play on the Switch screen and that's it. Obviously someone can watch TV while you play on the Switch screen, though.

My Parents React - Nintendo Switch reveal trailer

My parents had no idea that Nintendo revealed the Switch today. They thought they were coming over to play a game for the usual Parents Play feature. I plopped them down on the couch and hit them with the trailer. Check out what they have to say during the trailer, as well as the discussion that follows after. I hope you enjoy!

Runner3 blog update - Let's get the juices flow'n...

DISCLAIMER: I would like to point out that this is some of the first imagery that we are sharing. It's a screenshot in-engine--this means that there are no post-rendering effects, you can see the engine widgets, and of course you can see the placeholder art in the background. In other words: Don't consider what you see here to be final art in any way!

Full blog here

RUMOR - Joy-Cons to have analog triggers

Why is this even worth mentioning? Well, for anyone that's been waiting for Nintendo to release GameCube games on a Virtual Console service, this would be the chance. If the analog triggers rumor is true, that would remove one of the biggest barriers for Cube games on a digital service.

Massive Earthbound collection hits eBay for $10k

Do you have a spare $10k laying around? You'll need at least that to put in an offer on this insane Earthbound merch collection on eBay. The amount of goodies here is insane, with the pic above showing just one part of the entire lot. Hit the link below to check out the auction.

Auction here

Breath of Fire I - III Original Soundtrack Collection now available on the Capcom Store

Great news, classic role-playing game fans! Starting today, Breath of Fire and game music aficionados in North America, Europe and Oceania alike can purchase and download the original soundtracks to the first three Breath of Fire games!

Breath of Fire I ~ III Original Soundtrack Collection, previously exclusive to Japan, can now be downloaded on the Capcom Store – altogether that’s a spicy 192 DRM-free MP3 tracks for just $14.99!

The first three BoF games were composed by the prolific Capcom Sound Team “Alph Lyla”, who also worked on a slew of other beloved Capcom games. You might recognize their aliases in the credits of some of your favorite retro titles:

Breath of Fire (SNES)

Yasuaki “Bun Bun” Fujita (Mega Man 3, Final Fight 1 & 2)
Mari “Mari” Yamaguchi (Mega Man 5, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts)
Minae “Ojalin” Fujii (Mega Man 4, DuckTales 2)
Yoko “Pii♪” Shimomura (Street Fighter II, Final Fight)
Tatsuya “ANIE” Nishimura (Final Fight 2)
Breath of Fire II (SNES)

Yuko “YUKO.K” Takehara (Mega Man 6 & 7, Marvel vs. Capcom)
Breath of Fire III (PS1)

Akari “Akari.K –Lemon” Kaida (Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Battle Network)
Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man Battle Network 2, 3 & 6)
Leading up to Breath of Fire’s North American SNES debut in 1994, Capcom was already a champion of videogame music. At this point, the memorable tunes of Mega Man and Street Fighter II were constantly inspiring countless fans. Since Breath of Fire was our company’s first 16-bit flagship RPG, it’s no wonder the composers wanted to go all-out with the score.

Full details here

Unnamed third party says they're moving PS4 titles over to Switch

Now does this mean the third party is stopping PS4 development and moving over to Switch, or is this in reference to some PS4 games that will now get Switch ports? If we knew the dev, we would have a better idea at the games, and then we might be able to glean some details on the Switch's specs.