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GoNintendo Radio Ep. 36
You guys never cease to amaze me with your love of GoNintendo Radio. So many requests for the show to continue. I'm happy to say that episode 36 is here, so GNR does indeed continue on! Now that's enough of be blabbing from me. Enjoy the latest episode!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 35
I teased a few weeks back that the show was returning. The time for teasing is over! Episode 35 has now arrived, and it's ready to fill your earholes with all sorts of video game glory. Hopefully this'll be a nice treat for you to listen to on your way to work/school. I know that game tunes make the start of the work week better for me!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 34
Man, it's so great to have GoNintendo Radio back as a regular feature. Really happy to be able to bring you guys these episodes at a steady pace. They are only possible because of wonderful support from fans like you! Now please enjoy Episode 34, jam-packed with the best game music we could find!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 33
I bet you thought the show was going away again...but you were wrong! We were just letting things calm down from last week. We didn't want the show to get lost in the mix with all the Smash Bros. and Tomodachi Life news! Now that we have a quieter week, we're happy to bring you the latest episode!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 32
I told you we'd be back on track with GoNintendo Radio! 2 weeks later, just as promised, we have a new episode yet again! This time around Shanny passes the show over to Curtdogg. Now it's up to you guys/gals to listen in and see how you dig the episode.

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 31
GoNintendo Radio is back. I sure hope you're ready to get back into the swing of things! I know I am, so let's get right into the long-awaited episode 31!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 30
GoNintendo Radio is on a roll! We're back with episode 30, thanks to both Shannyboi and TouchFuzzy. This show kicks off with Mutant Mudds music, so you know it's going to be a great listen!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 29
GoNintendo Radio has returned for another episode! I bet it's back a lot sooner than you thought! This episode is a listener request episode, which means all the tunes you wanted to hear make up this show's content. Maybe one of the songs you were looking forward to made the cut!

GoNintendo Radio - Episode 28
Guess who's back?! For fans of GoNintendo Radio, you already know that there was some behind-the-scenes shuffling that kept the show away for a few weeks. Thankfully that's all taken care of now. That means it's time for the show to get back on track!

GoNintendo Radio - Episode 27
Number 27GoNintendo Radio is back with a pre-E3 show! Listen in for the usual great music, but stay for all the E3 predictions! If you weren't already hyped for this year's E3, this latest episode of GoNintendo Radio should really push you over the edge!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 26
Time for another wonderful episode of GoNintendo Radio! I don't want to spoil things too much, but we have a special guest in this episode. It's someone that longtime listeners of GoNintendo Radio should recognize! Enjoy that surprise visit alongside tons of wonderful music and discussion!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 25
I love when a brand-new GoNintendo Radio shows up. I never know what show is in the works, so it's something for me to enjoy right along with you guys! It's always a joy to deliver the latest episode, and it just so happens that episode 25 is all ready to go!  This time around, we get to hear some of the best music that a couple major franchises have put forth. These big-guns of gaming are celebrating some major milestones this year, and it's about time we recognized some of the amazing music that each series has brought us.

GoNintendo Radio Episode 24
Surprise! Yes, we already have another episode of GoNintendo Radio for you. As promised, the show is definitely back on track. Would it be forward of me to say that this could be my favorite episode yet? So many great songs in this one, from Nintendo favorites to some tunes you may have never heard before. I hope this brightens your Friday just a little bit more!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 23
That's right...it's back! We may have a couple lost episodes in there, and for all I know they could make a return at some point. For now, let's just focus on episode 23! The delay was all on my end, due to many technical issues. Thankfully all that is taken care of, which means the show should be back on track from here on out!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 21
It's been awhile, but the show is back! I bet this was a surprise you weren't expecting! Things are a bit different this time around, but I'm not going to ruin the fun. You'll have to download the show and check it out yourself to get the new details!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 20
I bet you thought TouchFuzzy was done! Like the man said, he's just been a tad busy lately. Thankfully he's returned with episode 20! It's a number that I never thought we would make it to, but TF has shown major dedication! Now let's all download and enjoy, shall we?

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 19
TouchFuzzy tells me that he's really fond of this episode. He should be, since he's the one that put it together! I haven't had a chance to grab an early listen, so this one's going to be brand-new for all of us!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 18
TouchFuzzy warned us last week that he might be a little late with this weekend's show, and while we had to wait a couple more days than usual, the new show is ready to go! I'm ready for my GNRadio fix...how about you?!

GoNintendo Radio Ep. 17
TouchFuzzy got this one in just under the wire. Looks like it's going to be a show jam-packed full of great stuff. Oh wait, that's how it is every week! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a show to listen to.

GoNintendo Radio Episode 16
It feels so good to have GoNintendo Radio back, doesn't it? It seriously is one of my favorite parts of the week. Coming off of last week's all-request show, TouchFuzzy gets back into the usual swing of things with some great music and discussion. As you might have expected, this episode has a bit of an E3 theme!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 15
It's time for an all request show! As soon as GoNintendo Radio came back, I know that TouchFuzzy was flooded with requests from listeners. He's jumped on that opportunity to put together the fan-favorite request show. Have a listen and see if your request made the cut!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 14
Now we're getting back into the swing of things! This time around, TouchFuzzy brings back an old friend for some witty banter. Of course, there's plenty of great music to enjoy as well. What's not to like?!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 13
That's right, GoNintendo Radio is finally back! The last time we heard from TouchFuzzyGetDizzy was all the way back in 2009. I didn't think it was going to be possible, but here we are in 2011, and GoNintendo Radio is alive again! This time around, the show is going to be more than just a month's worth of episodes. It's going to continue on until...who knows when?! One thing I can tell you for sure, the show will definitely in it for the long haul this time!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 12
Episode 12 has arrived, and it is a very special episode for me... the Final Fantasy special. Also, find out the winner of the contest, and the answers to all those clips that stumped you. Thanks to everyone who's been downloading, listening, and giving me feedback on the show... you guys have made the colossal amount of work worth it! And a huge thanks to RMC, without his support, GoNintendo Radio wouldn't have even been possible in the first place! The first run of episodes is done... when will GNR return? If there's enough demand, probably sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

GoNintendo Radio Episode 11
Hey all, hope this doesn't get lost in the GDC flurry, but it's another episode of GoNintendo Radio! Hooray! Wednesday returns to form with Shaan Khan back on the show, a mini review of GTA: Chinatown Wars, and another great artist spotlight. Enjoy!

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