Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns - shipments to 220,000 units in Japan

- Yoshifumi Hashimoto (Producer of the game) noted that Story of Seasons had topped 200,000 units earlier this month. A few weeks later, they are now at 220,000. Physically, the game has sold 162,000 units as of July 24.

- To compare, Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning sold 287,000 units in 2012, and Story of Seasons sold 286,000 units in 2014.

80's Overdrive - additional footage

Level-5 can't confirm NX development, but love working with Nintendo

Level-5 recently revealed a number of new titles, some for the 3DS like Lady Layton. But will they be developing for Nintendo's upcoming system, the NX? They didn't give a yes or no comment, but they told Enthusiast the following:

"We can't confirm any releases for the NX, but we very much enjoy working with Nintendo."
So much NX speculation has come out this week, it should be very interesting to see  who develops for it!

Capcom reports final results for Q1

- Few major releases this quarter, so sales were low (10,927 yen), resulting in an operating loss of 726 million yen (down from 2,026 million yen profit in Q1 15).

- Strong yen also led to losses

- Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice "sold largely as planned" at 196,000 copies

LINE mobile app gets Yo-Kai Watch stickers

- set of sixteen Yokai Watch Pop-Up Stickers
- 100 coins or ¥240