KidRobot releasing Mega Man figurines this Summer


- coming from Kidrobot
- 3-inch Mega Man toys
- sold in blind boxes for $11.99 each
- 5-pack for $59.99.
- due out this Summer

Fan-Art: Pokeballs made of crystal, including laser-carved Pokemon inside


Each Poke ball is made of a high grade k9 crystal the same material used in high end home decor. The crystal is carved into a 80mm diameter(baseball size) ball and has fine point 3d laser engraving done to it. Using the latest in 3d engraving technologies we burn the image straight into the crystal. This laser is 5 times more precise than traditional 3d engraving to offer amazing detail and realism to each Pokemon. We then hand press a flat glass button to offer a protruding effect to the ball and then hand paint black rings to offer more depth and detail to the poke ball.

Grab yours here

USAoploy releasing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask jigsaw puzzle

- 550 piece jigsaw puzzle
- 18" x 24" puzzle
- features Skull Kid

Thanks to Microtic for the heads up!

Community Effort Orlando 2015 has something big planned for Smash Bros.

It's unclear as to whether this is something CEO is cooking up on their own, or if it's something to do with Nintendo themselves. We'll just have to wait for that second trailer to find out! Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.

Dyack says Shadow of the Eternals still alive, announcements coming 'in the future'

A portion of a NicheGamer interview with Denis Dyack...

NG: I think one of the biggest questions and what’s been on a lot of people’s minds – How is the funding and stuff going with Shadows and Quantum? Are you guys fully funded, or do you have like individual investors?

Denis: Well, we can’t talk about that right now. But there will be announcements in the future. The bottom line is we’re really excited on where we’re going, things are very quiet, and probably will continue to be quiet but they’re going well. Please stay tuned, and we’ll update everyone as soon as we can. I wish I could say more, but you know the drill with the industry, right?

NG: Last bit then – I’ll see if I can get a tease out of you for Shadows. Can we expect a potential re-reveal? Or like a resurfacing of the game soon…?

Denis: Well, it all depends on what your definition of soon is. [laughs]

Rather than tease, I would just say that we believe in the project and we’re doing everything we can to see this project – and other projects – some of which are really great as well, get out there. We’ve got some big plans for the future, and we’re being very aggressive on some things, and we’re really looking forward to see how things roll out.

Thanks to Travis for the heads up!

The Eternal Darkness trademark saga continues

Will Nintendo actually ever do anything with the Eternal Darkness trademark, outside of renewing/extending it? I have no idea, but that's what's happened yet again. Nintendo has filed a third extension request for the Eternal Dark trademark. Let's hope that all this talk isn't just to hold onto the name so no one else can use.