GameStop talks about huge Switch demand, great attach rate, Zelda: BotW almost 1:1

Coming from GameStop COO Tony Bartel...

- GameStop is seeing "incredibly strong" demand for Switch
- as soon as stock comes in, it's sold out within hours
- GameStop anticipates chasing stock supply this entire year

Mr. Bartel also talked about the great attach rate Switch is seeing.

"The other thing is, every game that’s out there, to have over a five and a half attach rate to this, signifies that a lot of people are finding this a great platform and they’re picking up any games that they can. I mean, we have almost a one-to-one attach of Zelda.”

Random Time! - Bar gives itself a Super Mario Bros. makeover

The Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar in Washington D.C. has gone all out on its makeover, which as you can see, is full-on Super Mario Bros..

Coming from Matt Fox, Drink Company’s special projects manager and bartender...

“We were sitting brainstorming about what else can we do along with the cherry tree, and thinking about what just speaks to us as Americans looking at Japan. Pretty much all of us grew up playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo and N64. We all grew up playing Mario. Everybody around the table, their eyes lit up and they were like, ‘Yes! This makes sense. This will be awesome. Let’s see where we can roll with that.’”

Check out the full interview here

Timespinner devs not planning a Switch version for now, will look into it later

Coming from the most recent Kickstarter update...

We are not currently planning on bringing Timespinner to the Nintendo Switch. Our current goal is to bring Timespinner to all of the platforms promised by the Kickstarter Campaign (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS). After we finish fulfilling these promises, we will then look into the possibility of porting to more platforms!

REPORT - Mad Catz is being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange

Video game peripheral maker Mad Catz has received notice the New York Stock Exchange is working to have it removed from trading due to its "abnormally low" stock value, and the company says it will not appeal the process.

Full report here

GameStop - Switch purchase intent at PS4-or-higher level, can expand gaming audience

Coming from GameStop CEO Paul Raines...

"Purchase intent for Switch and Scorpio is at PS4 levels or higher. Just a note on the Switch launch: We have had a very successful launch so far, with high attach rates of software, particularly Zelda and related addons. The Switch has provided a dramatic lift in traffic in-store, and has real potential to be Wii-like in its potential to expand the gaming category from core to broad audiences."