The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Collectible Badge Center - new badges for April 30th, 2016 (Japan)

Collectible Badge Center

- Halloween badges return
- Sanrio Characters return
- 2 free plays

Thanks to Rance for the heads up!

Zero Time Dilemma - Famitsu feature info breakdown

- each of the three teams are placed somewhere inside an underground nuclear shelter
- everyone is equipped with a timer bracelet on their left wrist
- teams are given 90 minutes to find a way to escape the shelter
- once the 90 minutes are up, the bracelet will administer drugs that cause them to fall asleep and lose all memories
- the player goes through these 90-minute loops to collect Story Fragments (SF) that will lead towards the truth
- the order of obtaining these could have differences from the actual timeline
- each team has their own set of Story Fragments
- when a fragment is cleared it will unlock another Story Fragment
- the order of Story Fragments can be chosen as players wish to play it
- Story Fragments that have been cleared will be moved to the Global Flowchart
- this is where the fragments are being ordered in the actual chronology
- cleared Story Fragments can be replayed from this flowchart
- teams will explore rooms and facilities inside the shelter and solve mysteries that have been set for them
- solve the gimmicks using memos and items found while exploring
- this includes solving passwords to combining items (ex: screwdriver parts)
- this can also include activating a robot that walks to trigger a countdown bomb, prompting the player to defuse the bomb
- if you get stuck, other team members will be giving advice on how to solve puzzles
- at certain points, players are forced to choose between two options that can drastically alter the story
- choices could range from simply choosing between the two provided paths, or whether to press a button or not
- Team Q is comprised of entirely brand-new characters: Eric and Mila, a couple in a relationship; with Q, an amnesiac boy
- when Q is designated as the team’s leader, his childish mentality gets exposed at times
- Eric fully trusts Mila, but looks down upon Q because he looks suspicious and treats him like a criminal
- Mila, who considers herself as insensitive, tries to cunningly balance the team by controlling Eric while being friendly with Q

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - another round of new gameplay details

- The stage at a demo event is very similar to the Orbital Elevator, which was in the prequel
- this time the stage is called "Heaven Tower (Tangled)"
- RoRo and Nowa were shown speaking with Acura or to each other
- makes mention of the Diva Project, which it seems someone's trying to replicate
- features the boss Nike that has hair-related attacks
- enemies in the stage seem to revere her as a Goddess
- when you happen upon some platforms that crumble under you, RoRo tells Acura that he should do some dieting
- Acura dryly replies that it's faster to reduce the weight of the equipment
- Acura has a Special Skill called "Strike Saw"
- the two items at RoRo's sides are "Speaker Pods" that open and broadcast songs
- Acura uses something like GV's EP when doing the "Blitz Dash"
- the energy meters are on the bottom left corner of the screen, similar to GV's Special Skill points
- these are rechargeable by hitting down twice
- the "claw" in the Japanese name (Azure Striker Gunvolt: Claw) is a reference to Acura's attack
- the name "Gunvolt Acura" was suggested, but was discarded
- the "masked man" shown last year won't appear in the sequel after all
- the design was going to be used for either GV or an enemy, but that idea was seemingly scrapped
- there was a point where it wasn't intended to change GV's design
- RoRo's addition to the game means that the amount of songs becomes about twice the amount of the previous game
- some more songs might be added through DLC
- "Reincarnation" song returns with some changes in lyrics, music, and gameplay

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Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for April 30th, 2016

- 1 returning set of Pikmin badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!