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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Are multimedia features in a console important to you?

Time to wrap up another night of work here on the old GoNintendo. Thanks to all you guys and gals for supporting what I do for so long. It's been a surreal and amazing ride so far. I have no plans of stopping anytime soon, and I sure hope you'll continue on the journey with me! See you in a few, short hours.

I know I'm a dinosaur in the game industry when I start sentences with 'I remember when...'. That said, I do remember when there was a time game consoles just played games. I remember getting excited to play games on a new console...and that was about it. A new game console meant sitting down and plopping in games. It was a device that served a single purpose over the span of multiple years, and that was just fine with most of us.

Is it wrong to want a game console to do more than just play games? Of course it's not, and I wouldn't be silly enough to say that game consoles should only play games. I realize that times have changed and people want more out of their devices. We don't live in an age where devices serve a single purpose anymore. We carry around tiny computers in our pockets that can do millions of different things. Expecting a game console to offer up some other applications besides play games is understandable.

I mean, those features don't personally matter to me, but I can understand why they're important. I can also see why people would want them there. Finally, I see that decision as a good one. As long as the ability to play games is still front and center, I'm cool with all other bells and whistles being tucked in. It helps to bring fresh eyes on a platform and may give others reason to check games out when they otherwise wouldn't.

We know that other companies want that multimedia content there. We've heard a few of them talk about it, and we've also heard rumors of other companies flat-out telling Nintendo that those features need to be there. I'm sure on some level, that's going to be a real consideration for Nintendo. There's already apps on the Wii U and I'm sure even more will hit the NX. The more content a system can offer in different areas, the better.

Now I want to ask you guys, how much does that multimedia content matter to you? Are you cool with a game system that just plays games, or do you want it to do other things? Do you want a multimedia hub? Do you want something where you can watch Netflix, take calls, watch TV and more? Leave a comment and let me know!

North America - Super Punch-Out!! slated for New 3DS VC tomorrow

Hub page here

Spar against unique opponents--old and new--and outwit their unique techniques!

Featuring the tight game play and humor the series is known for, this sequel to the NES classic sees Little Mac return to the ring with the World Video Boxing Association belt once again at stake. Slug your way through the grueling, sweat-pounding matches of the Minor, Major, and World Circuits as you face off against some of Little Mac's greatest rivals like Bear Hugger, Bald Bull, and Super Macho Man. With a cast of new challengers waiting, do you have what it takes to identify their unique patterns and exploit their weaknesses? Go to your corner and come out fighting, but remember what Doc Louis would say, "It's not about brawling—it's about finesse!"

A look into how Monster Hunter Generations monster designs evolved


- began as lumbering fortress
- its castle-like shell had points that would bare a resemblance to cannons
- these would begin to fire projectiles as you got closer
- the player would climb Osutogaroa’s shell and break these cannons
- two Hydra heads would pop out of the water and surprise the player
- later designs focused on Osutogaroa’s deceptive tentacles and super-predator status
- It would lift its head-like tentacle above the water’s surface and launch itself out of the water to attack flying wyverns
- it would then bring these wyverns back to its den where it would dispose of its remains
- in some of the sketches for Osutogaroa’s habitat, the player is supposed to run through the different areas and slowly piece together the identity of the mysterious Elder Dragon
- this would happen by first seeing the giant fungus, then the bones, then the cave filled with water, then a small patch of land littered with bones and populated by fungus
- the monster was supposed to puzzle the Hunter’s Guild, with people unsure if it was real or legend

Check out more monster design changes here

Collectible Badge Center - returning badges for May 4th, 2016 (Japan)

Collectible Badge Center

- Animal Crossing badges with several Isabelle costumes
- returning Mega Man panels
- one free play

Style Savvy coming to the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow

System: Wii U
Price: $9.99
Release Date: May 05, 2016
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Simulation
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: syn Sophia

Mix and match tops, skirts, shoes, and more!

Show off your style as the owner of a chic boutique! Dream up dazzling outfits and for yourself and your customers. Purchase inventory to stock up your store and monitor your shopping budget. Extend your fashion makeover by visiting the hair salon and the cosmetics store. The possibilities are endless!