SEGA 3D Classics Collection rated for Australia

Looks like SEGA is making good on their promise to try and get SEGA 3D Classics Collection out in other places than NA/Japan. An Aussie rating usually means the game is slated for Australia and Europe! Expect an official announcement soon.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE devs talk music elements, localization process

A portion of a GameSpot interview with Atlus producer Shinjiro Takata and Nintendo designer Hitoshi Yamagami...

GS: Westerners are increasingly becoming more interested in Japanese video game series. One of the apparent themes in TMS#FE is pop music performances, with a distinctly Japanese flair. How do you think this will translate to fans in the west?

Takata: We had the cooperation of the Avex Group, who are making a large number of hit songs. So we were able to not only do songs, but also go all the way with no compromises, and incorporate dances. The producer who is in charge of many popular artists created the music by using songwriters who are actively writing hit songs in Japan. So this is real pop music. I think you will like it.

GS: A portion of the Western audience that appreciates Japanese games become very upset when any content in a game is altered during the localization process, regardless of how big or small the detail may be. When adapting a game for Western markets, does that affect how you go about designing some elements? Or do you ever feel like you have to strip away things that are central to the game's identity or purpose, just to make it a viable product outside of Japan?

Hitoshi Yamagami: Each country has its unique culture and taste. There are times when common sense in one country can be thoughtlessness in another. However, if we create a game with only that common sense that causes no problems in any of the countries, it can be a very boring game.

From among the various complex tastes of people worldwide, the developer selects settings and characters that appeal to as many people as possible. That being said, it is true that as we build up the settings and characters, we are sometimes obliged to change something in part of the game. This optimization does not destroy the identity of what we as developers want to convey. Developers would not accept such drastic changes. The changes made during localization are optimizations intended to bring to as many customers as possible the things that we want to convey. No major changes are made that would change what we want to convey.

Full interview here

13AM Games releases statement on Pirate Pop Plus, teases secret character

Alright guys, we gotta come clean here.

We’ve had another little leak this past week (2016 is the year of 13AM leaks, it seems). But like all leaks, this is some exciting news!

13AM Games is no longer just 13AM Games! We have opened up to game publishing with our brand new publishing arm: 13AM Shipping Solutions!

We’re really excited to help bring indie games to console and PC, and our first projects is Dadako’s Pirate Pop Plus! A super addictive, gravity-defying, score-chasing, bubble-busting, gameboy-style arcade game for Wii U, New 3DS and Steam!

We will have more details in the coming weeks and months and hope to release the game soon! We’ve still got some work to do though, so be patient with us.

Anyways, as always thanks for the passion. We’re glad to be bringing more fun games to you guys whenever we can.

Oh and as for some rumors about a supposed extra playable character… I’m gonna have to stay mum on that one. ;)

More talk of Tetris film trilogy explains why 3 installments are needed

- handled by Larry Kasanoff
- will be a trilogy
- decided on a trilogy because the story is so large
- movie won't have blocks running around after people
- billed as a science-fiction movie
- story comes from the theme of creating order out of chaos
- partly China-set shoot