The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Premium Pack, Limited Edition Pack announced for Europe

Mighty No. 9 delayed to Q1 2016

Rumors have been swirling around regarding Mighty No. 9, originally scheduled for launch next month. Unfortunately, the rumors are true as the title has been pushed back to an undetermined date next year. According to an forum post exclusive to backers, the reason for the delay is due to bugs in the online features. The full email can be seen in the source link below.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - Limited edition confirmed for Europe, trailer

As confirmed in the trailer below, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (known in Europe as Project Zero) is set to have a limited edition in Europe when it launches October 30. Watch the trailer below to see what'll be inside.

Xenoblade Chronicles now out on European Wii U eShop

Interesting news coming out this morning as it's been confirmed through a Nintendo of Europe press release that Xenoblade Chronicles, originally released on the Wii, is now out on the Wii U eShop in Europe.

If you buy Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe, you'll be entitled to a £9 GBP discount on Xenoblade Chronicles X when it comes out on the Wii U in Europe this December.

GoNintendo 'EoD' thought - We reveal screens of a Wii U eShop game at 9 AM ET!

Oh my God, guys. It is a very awesome day for GoNintendo today. I am absolutely honored to bring this content to you. I wish I could share it right now, but the powers that be have stated that 9 AM ET is the time to do so. We'll have 4 screens of a Wii U eShop game that I'm hoping you're really excited for! I've been teasing this a bit on Twitter over the last 12 hours, but here's all the details I can give you.

1. It's a game you already know about.
2. It's a game many feel has been cancelled due to it being announced so long ago.
3. It's coming to the Wii U eShop.
4. It's not Minecraft/Mother 3 (lots of people have been guessing these!)
5. It's not first party

All you have to do is come here at 9 AM ET and we'll have the screens for you! Again, so honored to have these to share with you.

More talk of Mighty No. 9 being delayed into 2016

So we have a Mexican retailer emailing customers with word of a delay into 2016, and a German publication that says Deep Silver confirmed to them a Q1 2016 delay. Sure would be nice to have a confirmation on this stuff from Inafune! Thanks to Brian for the heads up.