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GoNintendo Review - Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker could very well be one of the most important games I've ever played. That's an importance for me personally. I don't know if you'll get the same feeling that I did, but I am more than happy to share my experience with you. For me, Super Mario Maker serves as an amazing lesson in game development. We all know that it takes a lot of coding and programming to make a game actually function, but that's only one piece of the puzzle. It's the actual creation of what a game is at it's heart that's the tricky part. Super Mario Maker has given me more respect for game creators than I've ever had before, and I thought I had a lot!

For all intents and purposes, Super Mario Maker really does let you get right into the creation of classic-style Mario levels. You might not have every single bell and whistle that popped up in classic Mario outings, but you have a ton of content at your fingertips. Super Mario Maker truly does allow you to strut your stuff and take game design for a whirl. The nasty business of coding has been pushed aside, making way for you to go hands-on with an expertly-crafted design tool that makes level creation a snap. It's ridiculously easy to create what you want, but it's infinitely hard to figure out what you want to create.

I think we've all thought about designing a Mario game from time to time. We've seen some stages and thought we would be able to tweak them to make them even more enjoyable. An extra enemy here or another jump there. Minor adjustments to make an overall experience that much better. It seems like such a simple thing to accomplish, but you really see how hard it is when Super Mario Maker gives you the keys to the kingdom. Now comes the 'put up' part of put up or shut up. You have nothing standing in your way...nothing to stop you from making your masterpieces that you've been planning out for years.

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Splatoon - Arowana Mall Ledge Jump Glitch Removed, Palm Tree Glitch Still Possible

This comes in from snorth93:

The Splatoon 2.1 update did remove the ledge jump glitch which we knew about before, but the out of bounds palm tree glitch on Arowana Mall is still in the game. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

You can also see the video below:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars update now out

Interestingly, a Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars update was released today, but only for the Nintendo 3DS version. No new features, but it does fix a potential problem when uploading levels onto Miiverse. Hope everyone is still having fun tipping those stars!

Devil's Third - review

A portion from the Vooks review...

I’ll admit I’ve been uncharacteristically hard on Devil’s Third but I went in with a completely open mind and wanted to enjoy it, but still came away disappointed. To the game’s credit, it was more certainly a beautiful train wreck. I wanted to keep playing just to see how much worse it would get. But I was ultimately disappointed. Itagaki himself has suggested that perhaps player skill is behind the negative reception to the game. I completely disagree. Itagaki has crafted harder experiences in his illustrious career that are much better put together than this – and I’d be shocked if he genuinely thought Devil’s Third was a good game given his esteemed pedigree.

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Super Mario Maker - 5 Easter eggs you didn't know about

Did you know that there is a Zelda: Link's Awakening enemy in Mario Maker? Or that Mario's outfit on the cover isn't new at all? Geekade has a list of five interesting Easter eggs you may or may not know about. Check out the source link below for the full list!

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Super Mario Maker review goes live at 10 AM ET!

You read that right, my friends. Our Super Mario Maker review is going live in just a few hours! I've been dying to tell you more about the game and share my full thoughts on it. I've just wrapped up my review now and you'll be able to read all the juicy details at 10 AM ET!

If you're worried about spoilers like costumes and other goodies, no worries. You're not going to get any of that content in my review. My feature focuses on my time spent with the title, what it's like creating levels and how the entire game really changed my appreciate of game development. I am actually really excited for you guys to read about my experience. More than that, I can't wait for you guys to create your own content!

If you have the time, we'd love to have you check back here at 10 AM ET and see what we thought of the title. I'm just warning you now though. Reading the review is going to make the wait for the launch date that much harder!

Japan - This week's 3DS themes (Sept. 2nd, 2015)

The Great Ace Attorney (x4) – 200 yen each
Silent Siren – 200 yen
Doraemon (x3) – 150 yen each
BlazBlue – 100 yen each
My Melody x Suzy Zoo – 200 yen

Ace Attorney 6 - devs discuss theme, concept and returning features

A portion of a Famitsu interview with Ace Attorney 6 devs...

F: What’s the theme and concept of Ace Attorney 6?

Takeshi Yamazaki, director: “Throughout the series, Phoenix Wright is in a place that lacks enemies. Because of that, we’re paying more attention to the world this time.”

Eshiro Motohide, producer: “It’s tough to develop within the Japanese courtroom, since an exhilarating part of the game is how situations can change from from desperate to complete turnabouts. The theme is ‘courtroom revolution.’ Phoenix Wright changing the system of the court is a major theme.”

F: Will the beginner system from Ace Attorney 5 return?

Motohide: “The backlog, amount of save data, and such are things with good reputation, so they’ll return. As for the hint system, I want players to be able to turn it off at any time.”

Ace Attorney 6's development is currently 30% complete and there is no official release date at this time.