Monster Hunter XX - new trailer, collaboration footage and gameplay

Planned collaborations:

- Drifters (manga / anime), with a special katana as weapon
- Gudetama
- Show by Rock

Fan-Art: Japanese rice farmers turn living & dead crops into amazing Dragon Quest tributes

Gyoda, in Saitama Prefecture, showed off some amazing artistic skill with their Dragon Quest tribute art, which was created via rice paddies. When the season ended and the crops died out, the same rice farmers used straw husks to create the second bit of artwork above. As if farmers didn't work hard enough!

Yacht Club gives new Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment info, details future Shovel Knight plans

Coming from a USGamer interview with Yacht Club Games...

- set before the original Shovel Knight
- follows Specter Knight as he recruits the Order of No Quarter
- Specter Knight has a close relationship to the main villain, the Enchantress
- she is keeping Specter of Knight alive
- Specter Knight is able wall climb and dash slash
- go through the Order of No Quarter stages, but with new screens as well as new art
- allows players to choose any level they want
- all boss battles have been redone
- there is a village, and NPCs to talk to, but details remain secret
- there are also story events that happen, but those are also being kept quiet

The team also talked about future ideas for Shovel Knight...

- King Knight is still coming, and his content will be a reflection of Specter Knight's levels, much like Plague of Shadows was a reflection of Shovel Knigh
- King Knight's content will be a "lot crazier" than anything that's come before i
- body swap option that will let you change the genders of any of the characters in the gam
- four-player objective-based competitive mode
- they may make Specter of Torment a true standalone release

NCSX import - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild pocketwatches

Taito gets in on the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of Fire game release with a pair of pocket watches as follows:

- Blue face with Link artwork
- Black and gold face with sigils

Each watch measures 7.5cm or 2.95" in diameter. A chain is attached to the top of each watch for carrying around.

Grab yours here

Apple names Pokemon GO the App Store's "Breakout Hit" of 2016

Apple has given a bit of recognition to Pokemon GO in their Best of 2016 awards. Pokemon GO received the App Store's "Breakout Hit" of 2016, but failed to bring in any other awards. Let's see if Super Mario Run can bring in some awards come next year's breakdown!

Kirby is hanging out on the Goodbye! BoxBoy! website

If you check out the official Japanese site for Goodbye! BoxBoy!, you might notice that Kirby stops by in Qbby form. He appears out of the 'Shop' door, which might mean that you can purchase a Kirby costume in Goodbye! BoxBoy!. For those that don't know, the BOXBOY! series lets you purchase multiple costumes for Qbby with in-game money. A Kirby costume would hardly be a stretch, considering how both franchises are developed by HAL!

Kirby tote bag hitting Japan on Dec. 9th

Japan is an unstoppable machine when it comes to cute Kirby merchandise. This tote bag is due out Dec. 9th. We'll keep an eye out for import retailers that stock the item.