The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

13AM Games teasing a surprise for Thursday

I'm guessing this is Runbow related, but I don't know for sure. We'll be keeping tabs either way!

Midora Kickstarter update - Calling all publishers and investors - let's talk numbers

I really wish that I could've posted an update a week after the previous one, just like I promised. Except things did not go according to plan. I was perhaps too hopeful, but is it wrong to be hopeful? Our search for publishers and investors is, unfortunately, still not over. We've had opportunities with big names in the industry and, while they were all truly interested, their own schedule and projects was often the number one reason a partnership/agreement could not be made.

I would now like to address concerns that, while they are understandable, do not help our situation and give us a bad image. I feel it is time to be as transparent as possible and even give you actual numbers. Some people still believe that Midora is just "vaporware". I really have no way of showing everyone the work that has been put into finding a true partnership in the last few months, but I will say it again and again: I am never giving up on this game, and this has never been my intention. I will do whatever it takes to get the game I want to make into your hands. The game is complete on paper and the team has nothing but talent. Money is all that we need. Nothing can happen without money. Money is our final boss.

Full update here

Munich Dunkin' Donuts celebrates Mario's 30th anniversary with special donuts

󾬓 30 Jahre #SUPER #MARIO!!! Feier mit uns den #Nintendo-Klassiker mit unseren Special-Donuts Super Mario〽️ und den Sterndonut 󾭩! Gewinnt auch in unseren Stores eines von 10 Premium Packs!

Posted by Dunkin' Donuts . München on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up!

Japan - New set of Mario hanafuda cards coming out in November

SEGA wishes they could have ported Virtual Racing to 3DS

A portion of a Game-Watch interview with SEGA's Yosuke Okunari and Naoki Horii...

GW: Is there a title you wish you could have converted?

YO: That would have to be the arcade version of Virtual Racing for me. It hasn’t ever been faithfully ported. There’re four ports to date: Mega Drive, 32X, SEGA Saturn, and Playstation, but none of them stayed true to the original.

The Mega Drive and 32X versions were amazing at the time, but I wish more attention went to Virtual Racing rather than Virtual Fighter. I wasn’t too impressed with Winning Run (racing game developed by Namco at the time), which was released earlier, but Virtual Racing really caught my attention. The 30 FPS framerate gave it a smoother effect compared to other games like Hard Driving and Winning Run.

There was also a Grand Prix mode, where people could play 15 rounds for 200 yen when popularity started to die. I remember having so much fun playing with three other people and figuring out when to replace the worn out tires at the pits. I do feel that I want to re-experience that some day. Many have told me that there’s no reason to bring it back when there’s so many amazing racing games out there, but I’ve got a lot of great memories associated with that game, so I’d love to bring it back if I had the chance.

NH: I got to say, I agree. I’d say Virtual Racing since I like to work on those primitive era games.

BitBoy lets you back up your Game Boy Camera pictures to SD card

BitBoy is the first-ever SD-Card port for Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. This device enables ultra-fast data transfer straight from Game Boy Camera to SD-Card.

Whether you want to save your Game Boy Camera photographs in Bitmap (Lossless 8-bit Index Color,) extract your Pokédex information, or transpose your Pocket Planner, BitBoy Photo has got you covered.

Distinguishing itself from previous workflows, BitBoy supports batch image transfers, making it simpler than ever before to upload full Game Boy Camera cartridges in one go (- all 30 photos at once !)

BitBoy uses an internal Lithium-Ion battery, and charges using a standard MicroUSB cable. It has a built-in charge controller that preserves battery life. Plugging the device into your Game Boy turns it on, and two LED status indicators confirm that your transfer has been made successfully.

BitBoy uses FAT32-formatted SD Cards: No drivers required. Works with any OS.

Grab yours here