The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Splatoon - crylic keychains and rubber straps coming to Japan in July

Kimishima on the question if Wii U's decline will be covered by NX

Kimishima on why the NX will launch in March 2017

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Axiom Verge - might be ready for the NX's launch

Miitomo - prizes in the Celebrating 10 Million Users promo event

Day 1: 1,000 Miitomo coins
Day 2: 3 game tickets
Day 3: 1,000 Miitomo coins
Day 4: 3 game tickets
Day 5: 1,000 Miitomo coins
Day 6: 3 game tickets
Day 7: 500 Miitomo coins
Day 8: 3 game tickets
Day 9: 500 Miitomo coins
Day 10: 1,000 Miitomo coins

FreezeME - patch notes, coming next week to Europe

A new patch will be released in Europe on the 3rd of May (Tuesday)!

The patch will include the following:
-R's body is no longer transparent when the camera is close
-Issues related to the "no returning to hub" unlockable are fixed
-You can't swim anymore in space by jumping from a specific location in L3
-"Under 40 secs cube" Ach-II-vement time is now stored before the cinematic
-Some hardcoded text has also been fixed
-You can't reactivate the first fight with Fat the Cat if you don't collect the cube and reenter the battle arena again
-If you carry a marble and then get hit the marble will not disappear anymore
-Some issues when navigating the main menu have been fixed
-You can't activate the race by talking to the statue again if the Cube isn't collected
-When catapulting on the top of the level in L1 you can't glitch throw the cage and fall down the pit
-There isn't a cloned platform in challenge 4 anymore
-Collision with some scenery elements has been improved
-Rotation of the platforms to go up the white structure on L1 has been smoothed out

The American patch will follow soon after!

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS - Shiny Yveltal to be distributed in Spain next week