Nintendo has over 5,100 employees

As you can see, the height of total employees came back in 2014. If you look at Nintendo's number now and see how it's been growing, Nintendo could see its highest-ever employee count come the end of next fiscal year.

Nintendo president says Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought in customers who have never played a Zelda game

I can definitely see that being true. There's no denying that fans are a big part of the sales, but Breath of the Wild has reached out into the greater gaming community to interest people who've never touched the franchise. Let's hope it turns them into lifelong fans!

Miitomo Style Central Contest Results - Third and Fourth Picks Revealed

Nickname: Amy

Comments from the Miitomo admin team:

The black Hair Bun Coverings paired with this hairdo is an amazing technique which looks like a whole new hair style!
Typically worn as a single item, we take our hats off to this combination of a patterned one piece dress with a shawl, made to look like a completely new piece of clothing!

While offering up a new way of using items, the overall ensemble of black, yellow and white gives us a fresh, new taste of “cute” and “cool” seamlessly blended together!

Nickname: Mimi

Comments from the Miitomo admin team:

Colour choice, item choice, and style, all unanimously trendy with the admin team.

The flower-pattern skirt is particually eye-catching!

A perfect outfit to wear in spring!

That’s the last of our introductions for this time!

Pocket Rumble gets PEGI rating

Looks like Pocket Rumble is moving along. We don't have a release date yet, but with the PEGI rating coming in, we should be getting that info soon.