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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - Press release and screenshots

3rd May 2016 – Anyone ready to take on a totally new kind of RPG experience should get ready to give a virtuoso performance in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, arriving on Wii U across Europe on 24th June. In this new title from the RPG masters at Atlus, tactical turn-based combat and a story rooted in modern-day Japanese culture combine with stellar production values for a real one-off experience. This energetic game features a deep battle system inspired by both the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei series imbued with a J-Pop twist, and includes real-life locations in Tokyo.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE follows a squad of Japanese teens, including high-school student Itsuki Aoi, his friend Touma Akagi, and aspiring pop idol Tsubasa Oribe. When a wave of evil Mirages attacks Tokyo and kidnaps Tsubasa, she and Itsuki fearlessly fight them off with the help of Fire Emblem characters Chrom and Caeda, eventually freeing themselves from the Idolasphere. When they return to the real world, they’re recruited by Talent Agency Fortuna Entertainment – secret defenders against the invading Mirages – and commit to destroying the evil once and for all.

As the story unfolds, players will explore dungeon-style Idolaspheres, each with a unique theme such as photography or television, where they’ll battle Mirages in richly strategic turn-based combat. Exploiting enemy weaknesses, inspired by Fire Emblem’s “rock-paper-scissors” weapon triangle system, deals extra damage and can lead to Sessions: combination attacks where teammates continue the onslaught to pile on the damage. Battle possibilities expand even further as combatants learn new skills and abilities, giving tacticians the ability to unleash spectacular special moves and devastate their opponents with strike after strike.

Players’ journey through this stylish adventure will be accompanied by the original Japanese voice acting (with English subtitles), as well as the original soundtrack created by Japanese company Avex, to fully immerse fans in a modern-day Tokyo beset by evil mirages.

Launching alongside the solus game on 24th June, the limited Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortissimo Edition should be music to RPG fans’ ears. Arriving with an artbook, six-track Special Vocal Selection CD, song lyric cards and stickers, it also includes a download code for all planned downloadable content. These three packs, which will also be available to purchase separately in Nintendo eShop, include additional dungeon quests and costumes for several characters for the complete Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE experience.

Get ready to slay evil mirages – and slay like a pop star – in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, an exclusive Japanese RPG from the genre masters at Atlus, coming exclusively to Wii U on 24th June.

Over 1 million packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been sold in Europe

Splatoon - Callie/Marie/New Inkling amiibo pictures and retail information



  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: ¥2,400
  • Marie & Callie (stand-alone): ¥1,200
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid (stand-alone) [limited quantities]: ¥1,200 each


  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: €29.99
  • Marie & Callie (stand-alone): €14.99 each
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid (stand-alone) [limited quantities]: €14.99 each

North America

  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: $24.99
  • Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy (stand-alone): $12.99 each
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid triple-pack: $34.99

UK software sales (4/30/16)

Individual formats:

All formats:

VVVVVV pulled from North American 3DS eShop due to new Homebrew exploit

Oddly enough, the game has only been pulled off of the North American eShop. There are currently no plans to remove the game off of the European eShop, but it should not be long before the fan-favorite indie game is removed from there as well. It is also currently unknown if the game will be re-released onto the 3DS eShop in some form.

GoNintendo 'End of Day' Thought - Eggbusters EX: Sonic Adventure 2

Supposed to rain all week here, but I don't mind one bit. I'll take rain over snow ANY day. And with each day of rain, we get closer to better temperatures and nicer weather overall. Do your worst, rain. We know the best is yet to come! See you in a few, short hours.

We've made an executive decision here at GoNintendo. We're going to turn over Monday night's End of Day thought to Eggbusters. From here on out, Mondays will feature the latest Eggbusters episode. We'll do our usual video roundup on Tuesdays instead. I believe in Austin and Eggbusters SO much that I'm more than happy to give him this primetime spot!

This week we see Austin checking out some glitches in Sonic Adventure 2. I have to admit, past the first level in the game, I really don't remember much about it. I need to go back and play it. Now I have another reason to hop in there. I can check out some of these glitches for myself!

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3DS eShop charts - May 3rd, 2016


1. Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
2. Retro City Rampage DX
3. Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure
4. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
5. Pokemon Yellow
6. Citizens of Earth
7. Zelda: A Link to the Past
8. Mario Kart 7
9. Super Metroid
10. Pokemon Red
11. Pokemon Blue
12. Super Mario World
13. EarthBound
14. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
15. Bravely Second
16. Super Mario Bros. 3
17. Donkey Kong Country 2
18. Devil Survivor Overclocked
19. Shovel Knight
20. Hyrule Warriors Legends


1. Pokemon Picross – Turn Puzzles into Portraits
2. Zelda: A Link to the Past Trailer
3. SEGA 3D Classics Collection Trailer
4. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games E3 2015 Video
5. Pokemon Yellow Trailer
6. Hyrule Warriors Legends Launch Trailer
7. Pocket Card Jockey: Horsin’ Around
8. Super Mario World Trailer
9. Yo-kai Watch Episode 1
10. Yo-kai Watch Launch Trailer
11. Photos with Mario Trailer
12. Super Metroid Trailer
13. Bravely Second – Begin the Journey Trailer
14. Langrisser -TENSEI- Trailer
15. Mario Kart 7 Video
16. Super Smash Bros. – Final Presentation
17. Donkey Kong Country 2 Trailer
18. Monster Hunter Generations Trailer
19. Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer
20. Pokemon Red Trailer

Cyramore Kickstarter - progress update

We've been extremely busy (and tired) the past few months, and consequently, we didn't get a chance to throw out an update since February. Apologies again! But we've got plenty lined up for this month, so strap your condensers on and let's get to it! (Needless to say, everything we're showing here is still a work-in-progress!)

Check out the full update here (thanks Matt!)

Snapchat 'Discover' story uses Excitebike imagery

Over the weekend, Snapchat had a Discover story for a Motocross event taking place in the states. That story used an Excitebike logo as you see above. Not only that, but the special geotag for the event included more Excitebike imagery. As far as I know, Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with the event. If Nintendo knows about this, I can't imagine they're too happy.