GoNintendo Video Review - Kamiko

Kamiko is hitting the Switch in North America and Europe this week. Is this unassuming eShop throwback worth your time and money, or is it just trying to cash in on nostalgia?

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Miitomo - content update for April 26th, 2017

[Miitomo Drop] New stage is now available: “Terrific tours! Explorers Assemble [C]” (available until May 15th)

Nintendo America opens official Reddit account

Oh boy, here we go. I can only imagine the bad stuff that's going to happen here. Never-ending private messages about all sorts of insane things, but I'm guessing Nintendo had an idea that would happen. Nintendo has officially opened up a Reddit account. I don't know how often they'll use it, but it's at their disposal now. Right now, there's just three responses from the account. You can check them out here (thanks Microtic!)

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary devs interested in bringing the game to Switch

Seeing something like Night Trap on a Nintendo system back in the day would be absolutely mind-blowing. I think it would be great to see it finally come over Nintendo's way today. We all know the game isn't technically great, but it definitely holds a spot in gaming history. If this Switch version were to happen, I'd definitely have to grab it. Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Papa John's and GameStop team up to promote Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Joy-Con wheels

I don't even know what to say about this. I can't make any sense of it. I mean, I guess if I take an outdated approach, I could say gamers eat a lot of pizza? I mean, doesn't everyone eat pizza? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS PARTNERSHIP TO ME!

Japan - Wii Karaoke U free play session coming this Saturday

- free play day on Saturday April 29th
- runs from 10:00 - 17:59 JST.
- also be a sale on tickets with new users getting a 30 day ticket for ¥500
-existing users getting a 33 day ticket for ¥1,000, 65 day ticket for ¥1,500 or a 97 day ticker for ¥2,000

Japan - 3 demos available for 3DS

- Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri (138 blocks / 5 plays)
- Genkai! Yamazumi Battle (402 blocks / 20 plays)
- Blasting Agent Ultimate Edition (140 blocks / 30 plays)