Soundtrack for unreleased DS game surfaces

Mr. Stocker doesn't mention what the game was or who worked on it, out of respect to whoever owns the rights as of now. I guess we'll just have to enjoy the soundtrack on its own!

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Fire Man

Number: DLN-007

Weapon: Fire Storm

Weakness: Ice Slasher

A waste disposal robot who controls flames reaching temperatures of around 8000 degrees. His Fire Storm is tough to dodge, so be sure to attack with a weapon that plays on his weakness.

Wherever there's an Ice Man, there must also be a Fire Man - and this one is capable of generating flames that reach 8000 degrees! Now, my solar knowledge is a little rusty these days but I think the surface of the sun is right around 10,000 degrees, making Fire Man's projectiles quite formidable. And a little overboard!

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Miyamoto's appearance at Japan Expo included a surprise video from Michel Ancel

Here are some of the details that Miyamoto shared during his appearance at the Japan Expo.

StarFox Zero

- in heli form, the little camera robot you send out can hack stuff or pick up bombs and drop them on the enemy

Super Mario Maker

- Miyamoto and Tezuka made a level based on the temple in Kyoto that Miyamoto talked about in the Digital Event
- they also made a level based on Paris, France
- Michel Ancel made a surprise appearance via video
- he made a stage for Miyamoto called Pac-Mario

The Binding of Isaac: ReBirth - New 3DS icon


Armikrog - more gameplay details

- play as Tommynaut and his alien, talking dog, Beak-Beak
- upon crash landing on an alien planet, they are quickly discovered by a hostile creature.
- they run inside a huge tower called Armikrog to hide
- point and click adventure game animated entirely in clay
- when picking up an item, Tommynaut simply stows it away inside his chest
- when you click the place that an item can be used, Tommynaut will automatically grab the correct item and use it
- at any time you can simply click on Beak-Beak to begin playing as him
- when playing as Beak-Beak you’ll see in black and white, and be able to see some things that Tommynaut can’t
- use Beak-Beak to find a series of hidden symbols within the first few areas of the tower
- Tommynaut can then input these symbols into a puzzle to open a door
- Beak Beak can also recover small items from areas that are too small for Tommynaut to enter
- Beak-Beak can also transform when fed certain items
- Beak-Beak can grow wings and fly Tommynaut to safety at one point

Europe - Various Ace Attorney themes available on 3DS

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Court Record

Price: £1.79 / €1,99
Release date: 03/07/2015
This Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Court Record theme features music by Noriyuki Iwadare, and all the evidence you need to make your case.

Ace Attorney Trilogy Pixel Art

Price: £1.79 / €1,99
Release date: 03/07/2015
This retro theme features the outrageous cast of the Ace Attorney Trilogy in adorable pixel art form, plus Game Boy Advance-era sounds.

Ace Attorney Trilogy Main Characters

Price: £1.79 / €1,99
Release date: 03/07/2015
Gorgeous illustrations of the main cast of the Ace Attorney Trilogy are featured in this theme, along with a Court Records Touch Screen.

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mood Matrix

Price: £1.79 / €1,99
Release date: 03/07/2015
This Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies theme features music by Noriyuki Iwadare. Scroll the Touch Screen to see the Mood Matrix in action.