Nintendo LINE account - update for June 30th, 2016

Nintendo LINE account

- Shovel Knight week
- drawing of Shovel Knight
- Kinopio-kun with a rainbow
- promotion for the Pokémon X & Y eShop sale

Terraria Wii U dated for Japan

- due out Sept. 15th
- published by Spike Chunsoft
- ¥4,104
- available at retail and download

Famitsu most wanted - June 16th to 22nd, 2016

01. Dragon Quest XI (577)
02. Pokémon Sun Moon (538)
03. Etrian Odyssey V (374)
04. Yokai Watch 3 (363)
05. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (342)
06. Culdcept Revolt (249)
07. Monster Hunter Stories (198)
08. Dragon Ball Fusions (151)
09. Snack World (*)
10. Puzzle & Dragons X (*)

Pokemon Sun/Moon - A detailed look at new Pokemon revealed on June 30th, 2016

US Name: Charjabug
Jp. Name: Denjimushi (デンヂムシ)

Type: Bug/Electric-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: ??

Known Moves - Spark
Details: appears to be the evolution of Grubbin

US Name: Vikavolt
Jp. Name: Kuwaganon (クワガノン)

Type: Bug/Electric-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: ??

Known Moves - Zap Cannon
Details: the evolution of Charjabug

US Name: Drampa
Jp. Name: Jijiiron (ジジーロン)

Type: Normal/Dragon-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: Frenzy

Known Moves - Dragon Breath

US Name: Bruxish
Jp. Name: Hagigishiri (ハギギシリ)

Type: Water/Psychic-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: Dazzle

Known Moves - Psywave

US Name: Cutiefly
Jp. Name: Aburii (アブリー)

Type: Bug/Fairy-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: ??

Known Moves - Fairy Wind

US Name: Togedemaru
Jp. Name: Togedemaru (トゲデマル)

Type: Electric/Steel-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: Lightning Rod

Known Moves - Discharge

US Name: Tapu Koko
Jp. Name: Kapu Kokeko (カプ · コケコ)

Type: Electric/Fairy-type
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: Elec Maker

Details: Seen under the control of Hala

My Nintendo - rewards set to expire on July 1st

Rewards ending at 4 a.m. ET:

- 15 percent off Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS) - 150 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 15 percent off Dr. Luigi (Wii U) - 230 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 15 percent off Pikmin 3 (Wii U) - 300 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 15 percent off Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii U) - 300 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 15 percent off Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) - 600 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 30 percent off Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Wii U) - 50 Gold Points
- 30 percent off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) - 50 Gold Points
- 30 percent off The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) - 70 Gold Points
- 30 percent off Tomodachi Life (3DS) - 80 Gold Points
- 30 percent off The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS) - 100 Gold Points

Rewards ending at 4 a.m. ET:

- 1 Miitomo Game Ticket (Android, iOS) - 85 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- Miitomo Mario Suit (Android, iOS) - 250 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- 5 Miitomo Game Tickets (Android, iOS) - 420 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- My Nintendo Theme 1: Mario (3DS) - 200 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- My Nintendo Theme 2: Donkey Kong (3DS) - 200 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- WarioWare: Touched! (3DS) - 1000 Platinum/Miitomo Points
- Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS) - 35 Gold Points
- Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii U) - 230 Gold Points

Miitomo interview between Itoi and Sakamoto - Part 1: Avatar (Mii) Editor

A portion of an interview with Miitomo producer Yoshio Sakamoto, conducted by Earthbound creator, Shigesato Itoi...

SI: Yeah, I do see the flow from "Tomodachi Collection" to "Miitomo." Were you also in the team that created Mii?

YS: To describe this in order, at the time I was creating a game called "Tottoko Hamutaro: Tomodachi Daisakusen Dechu" (Hamtaro: The Great Friendship Plan). In that game you could talk to Hamtaro, and by registering you and your friends' birthdays, you could figure out your match with other people and Hamutaro would tell you when it was someone's birthday. It was a game that provided opportunities for communication through fortune telling.

Full interview here (thanks Chozoboy!)

Bandai Namco EU to take you through orchestral memories

Lyon, France – June 30th, 2016 – Leading interactive entertainment company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is entering the live music industry with a series of concerts named Orchestral Memories. Featuring some of the most beautiful, emblematic and memorable music pieces from BANDAI NAMCO’s game franchises, Orchestral Memories will be performed by over 80 musicians on stage and produced by industry veterans, La Fée Sauvage.

“In our quest to provide entertainment everywhere, it’s with extreme pleasure we’re taking our first steps into this business in Europe” said Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.
“With numerous outstanding, high quality and truly amazing soundtracks, it was more than time to celebrate the beloved music that millions of fans have vibrated with while playing with passion BANDAI NAMCO’s hit games. It is an honor and great excitement for us to start this concert series in Europe.” said Julien Mombert, Director at La Fée Sauvage

The full 80+ manned orchestra and choir, supported by HD game videos will allow attendees for the first time ever to dive into various universes including DARK SOULS™, Tales Of™, TEKKEN™, SOULCALIBUR™, GOD EATER™, PAC-MAN™, ACE COMBAT™ and more!

To celebrate today’s announcement, the first dates and location have been confirmed; February 4th 2017 at the world renowned Salle Pleyel in Paris, France! For these first dates and to mark the opening of the Orchestral Memories tour, famous veteran composer Go Shiina will be attending for meet and greet with fans that will include signing sessions. Stay tuned, more activities, dates and surprises will be revealed in the future!

Get ready, the ticket sales starts on July 2nd 2016 at 11am BST on shop.wildfaery.com

Additionally, 150 VIP tickets for each concerts permitting spectators to meet Go Shiina for signing sessions and photo shoot will be available exclusively on shop.wildfaery.com.

For more information:
Official Website: www.bandainamcoent.eu
Official Twitter: @BandaiNamcoUK
Official Facebook: /BandaiNamcoEU

Upcoming amiibo - photo gallery

Post E3 2016 - amiibo pictures

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

Pokemon news - Shaymin distribution, Comaster update, GO screens

Pokémon XYORAS - Shaymin Event

- available to those in Europe & Australia
- Shaymin event
- available through Mystery Gift > Receive Gift > Get Via Internet
- gives you the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin, which can't be found in the wild.
- also get the Gracidea to get its Sky Forme
- event is only running through to July 24th
- will be added on North American games later today

Pokémon Comaster

- update avialable
- Trevo has been updated to add several new figures
- Zygarde 50% Forme, Torterra, Chimchar, Xatu and Shiftry with Mewtwo
- Blastoise, Absol, Froakie and Scyther have been removed
- special deal has been announced for the Diamonds, increasing the amount you can purchase by 50% until July 6th

Pokemon GO screens

More here