The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Nintendo UK store - Get a free Mario 3DS holder with purchase of select New 3DS bundles

Hey UK fans, looking to grab yourself a New 3DS? Why not do it through Nintendo UK's online store and get yourself a free bonus item! If you purchase the bundles, you can also get yourself the free Mario 3DS holder that you see above. All you have to do is enter the code 'MARI0HOLD5' at checkout!

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The Swindle gives you in-game days to grab as much loot as you can

The Swindle limits you to 100 lives before it's game over. Those lives tie to in-game days, so you have 100 days to pull off heists and grab as much loot as possible. After those 100 days, the government installs security measures that make your heists impossible. Below you can learn why this idea was used and where it came from.

“The idea was always that you leave the level whenever you like. It’s a burglary job, right? There’s no running from right to left and then you’re done.” What this means is that you decide when you’ve amassed enough of a take to make this a good use of one of those hundred days. But if there was no limit, you could just grab the easiest cash over the course of thousands of plays, slowly working your way up in a low-risk manner.

The 100 days limit came in as another resource, separate from money, and as soon as it went in it made the game so much more exciting because it made the money mechanic much more interesting to play with.” Marshall continues. “You know that you need £30,000 to get this upgrade you need, but you’re not sure you can get it, you’ve only got a few days left. Once it was brought in, it focused the design a lot, and made the game feel a lot more pressurized, which I think it needed, as it’s about burglary.” - Dan Marshall, dev

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember could see Wii U release

A portion of a Dtoid interview with Matt Korba, President of The Odd Gentlemen

D: Was there any consideration in terms of developing for Wii U?

MK: If the game does well it can definitely end up there as well as some other platforms. But, we are still a relatively small team and 5 platforms at launch almost killed us!

Full interview here

Figurine out the Ace Attorney timeline

There have been a lot of Ace Attorney games. That includes main games and spin-offs. Has anyone actually kept track of the timeline up to this point? We're not talking about when the games released, but in what order they actually go in when looking at things from a story perspective. I don't how how closely people follow the timeline, but Kotaku has taken some time to put together an easy-to-navigate interactive timeline to show you just how the series flows.

Check it out here

Square-Enix says they'll 'consider' Dragon Quest XI for the West

Coming from Square-Enix Europe...

"We don't have a concrete plan at the moment. However, we will consider it as we've done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles. We don't have further information to share at the moment."

Nintendo fans have a lot to hope for with this game, as it's coming to both 3DS and NX. We'd hate to lose out on such a big title outside of Japan. Let's hope Square-Enix makes it happen!