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Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Game Boy Advance)

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Yoshi's Island


Yoshi's Island. A peaceful island full of colorful Yoshi's who are having a nice walk when a baby comes crying down from the heavens. This baby is none other than the great Super Mario, in baby form of course. The Yoshi's agree to help the baby Mario find his brother Luigi and, although they don't know it, save the future of the Mushroom Kingdom. With only a map and an empty stomach our adventure begins. You are Yoshi and must find away through castles filled with molten lava, rocky caves, and snowy peaks. Your weapon of choice? Eggs of course! Eating and enemy will result in Yoshi laying an egg (of which he can hold 6). Now Yoshi likes his eggs scrambled, so using the shoulder buttons you can throw your eggs to destroy enemies, solve puzzles, or make staircases appear. Now our adventure won't be easy as a secret group of Kameks (that are bent on stealing Mario) have been following your every move, waiting for even the slightest mistake for them to come down and take Mario. Thankfully Mario has a timed bubble shield in case Yoshi touches a bad guy. He will flout in the air until you catch him, but you better be quick cause those Kameks are waiting. Sometimes Mario will be floating up so high that a single jump just won't do it. That's where Yoshi's double jump feature comes in. Just jumping again in the air will cause Yoshi to make huge jumps through the air. Hey, Mario had to learn somewhere. The graphics are neat for a GBA game with cliffs that look like they were drawn with crayons and the music is pretty good to. It's my favorite GBA game and will always hold a place in my heart. Great replay value and you'll find yourself play this one for days. --- A


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