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Splatoon - Ika Musume costume will be available in upcoming update

After some images in a previous issue of Famitsu, it has been confirmed that an Ika Musume (Squid Girl) costume shall become available in the upcoming update for Splatoon. It consists of three components: a hoodie, a dress, and shoes. It has also been noted that there shall likely be a male equivalent of this costume. It is currently unknown if this costume will be released outside of Japan, but since the update shall be released in the coming days, it shall not be long before the answer is revealed.

Famitsu - This week's review scores (8/4/15)

Tetrabot And Co. (Wii U) – 8/9/7/7 [31/40]
Super Robot Wars BX (3DS) – 8/8/7/8 [31/40]
Oh Gatchiman Ultimate (3DS) – 7/8/6/7 [28/40]

Splatoon - Arowana Mall being updated for all game modes, not just Splat Zones

In an earlier list of patch notes for Splatoon's upcoming update, Arowana Mall was listed as being updated for the Splat Zone mode. It has recently been reported that the map will be updated for all game modes, rather than just the Splat Zone mode. It has not been specified how drastic these changes are or what they shall be, but whatever they are, they shall be seen in all game modes.

Splatoon - A picture of upcoming outfits

Poi - A 3D Platformer being Kickstarted for Wii U

Thank you Ezekiel for the heads-up!