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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

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New Super (Easy) Bros 2

So, New Super Mario Bros 2 was a big holiday hit on the 3DS and was another example of why Nintendo can make any small developer make a good game!

When beginning this new Mario adventure, what's the first thing you do? Start the game and get to the story! Well, there is no real story in mario.... Bowser Kidnaps Peach yet again and it's up to you to save her. And what's the first thing you hear on the map screen?

... The Exact same Map music ripped straight out of New Super Mario Bros Wii. It's literally ripped from that game, no edits, no nothing.... Sad that they couldn't make a all new song for the first world, but that's all right.

Regardless, when entering 1-1, you will do your basic gameplay, get power ups, star coins, all that stuff.... But when you get half-way through, you will spot an area with music blocks, and getting the star coin will cause A HUGE amount of coins to rain from the bottom of the screen.

This isn't your ordinary mario quest. No, not one bit. There's an insane amount of gold, and almost every stage can net you a 1-up via that method if you try to get coins, which lowers the difficulty a little, but thankfully not that much as in the first NSMB game. The new Gold Mushroom and flower powerups add more abilities for your use, getting more coins or becoming Gold Mario yourself, which allows you to turn every single brick block into a coin and nets you coins from throwing it at a enemy.

Sadly the creativity stops there.... The level design is not as good as Super Mario Advance 2 or Advance 4, the music is mostly the same from the wii version, and when it DOES change, there are only more of the dreaded "Bah-Bah!" Sounds in the songs, which don't really belong in some themes like the fortresses. Luckily in some levels there are brand new songs, but I won't spoil where to find them. Another problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of main worlds. You get... 6 main worlds... There are still 9 in total, but 6 in the main quest? That has NEVER happened in any older Mario game before this, and that's just lazy. The only other mario game I recall with less than 8 worlds off the top of my head is Super Mario bros 2/USA, which only had seven.

Thankfully, we have a mode that makes all of these faults not so unbearable; Coin rush. In this mode, you are assigned three courses at random (Unless it's a DLC pack) and have to rush through the levels and gain as much coins as possible during the short time limit. But don't think it's easy! You have just one life... And if you make one mistake, there goes your record. (You keep the coins though) You CAN use the white tail to not die (Except by pits), but that's cheap and you don't gain as much coins that way.

What is the records, you may ask? Why you can share them by streetpass! Tag a user with a record in the mushroom pack and you can try to beat his record by replaying the exact same set of levels he did. But with only 3 default packs, it gets stale fast.

Luckily we have DLC packs to keep us playing longer, and those are well made. I recommend checking out the Gold Mushroom and Gold classic packs (Which is no longer free starting today).

And before I go to the pros and cons, the main point of the game is gaining a million coins. This sounds easy, but it's not. It'll take you a LONG time to gain a lot of coins, and only extended coin rush sessions will net you that goal. You don't get much of a reward for it, but try maxing out the counter...

Fun, classic mario gameplay
DLC packs to keep the fun going
Lots of replay value
Coin Rush mode is very fun thanks to it's streetpass share and challenge features
Amazing level designs, even in the start

Way too much lives once you get going
Main game is too easy
Nothing to do after maxing out the coin count (But that takes a LONG time)
The levels aren't as fun as Super Mario Advance 2 and 4 on the GBA (AKA: Super mario world and Super mario bros 3)
-No online leaderboards for coin rush (On their website they have a mini one though)

So in all, I give NSMB2 a 8.0 out of 10. It's worth picking up at your store or even downloading from the Nintendo Eshop, but only if you are more into the competitive range of mario.


Based on what you have said, I'm surprised you gave it such a high rating.

I gave it a high rating mainly due to the DLC packs and coin rush mode being a ton of fun, and adding a reason to keep playing. If they didn't exist, I'd give it a 6 or 5

Fair enough :)

Nice review. I just recently got this game, and I'm enjoying it. It's by no means my favorite Mario game, and it's a little on the easy side, but it works well as a portable game to play in short bursts.

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