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SEGA wishes they could have ported Virtual Racing to 3DS

A portion of a Game-Watch interview with SEGA's Yosuke Okunari and Naoki Horii...

GW: Is there a title you wish you could have converted?

YO: That would have to be the arcade version of Virtual Racing for me. It hasn’t ever been faithfully ported. There’re four ports to date: Mega Drive, 32X, SEGA Saturn, and Playstation, but none of them stayed true to the original.

The Mega Drive and 32X versions were amazing at the time, but I wish more attention went to Virtual Racing rather than Virtual Fighter. I wasn’t too impressed with Winning Run (racing game developed by Namco at the time), which was released earlier, but Virtual Racing really caught my attention. The 30 FPS framerate gave it a smoother effect compared to other games like Hard Driving and Winning Run.

There was also a Grand Prix mode, where people could play 15 rounds for 200 yen when popularity started to die. I remember having so much fun playing with three other people and figuring out when to replace the worn out tires at the pits. I do feel that I want to re-experience that some day. Many have told me that there’s no reason to bring it back when there’s so many amazing racing games out there, but I’ve got a lot of great memories associated with that game, so I’d love to bring it back if I had the chance.

NH: I got to say, I agree. I’d say Virtual Racing since I like to work on those primitive era games.

BitBoy lets you back up your Game Boy Camera pictures to SD card

BitBoy is the first-ever SD-Card port for Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. This device enables ultra-fast data transfer straight from Game Boy Camera to SD-Card.

Whether you want to save your Game Boy Camera photographs in Bitmap (Lossless 8-bit Index Color,) extract your Pokédex information, or transpose your Pocket Planner, BitBoy Photo has got you covered.

Distinguishing itself from previous workflows, BitBoy supports batch image transfers, making it simpler than ever before to upload full Game Boy Camera cartridges in one go (- all 30 photos at once !)

BitBoy uses an internal Lithium-Ion battery, and charges using a standard MicroUSB cable. It has a built-in charge controller that preserves battery life. Plugging the device into your Game Boy turns it on, and two LED status indicators confirm that your transfer has been made successfully.

BitBoy uses FAT32-formatted SD Cards: No drivers required. Works with any OS.

Grab yours here

Super Mario Advance 4's e-Reader levels get recreated in Super Mario Maker

E-1 Wild Ride in the Sky: 2B4B 0000 007B 5343
E-3 Bomb Volley: FE1E 0000 007B 53BC
E-4 Pipes O'Plenty: F5F3 0000 007B 546E
E-5 Bombarded by Bob-Ombs: 1209 0000 007B 559D
E-6 Magical Note Blocks: 4388 0000 007B 5682
E-7 The Ol' Switcheroo: 8F1F 0000 007B C071
E-8 Piped Full of Piranhas: 6078 0000 007B E3D8
E-9 Swinging Bars of Doom: 7742 0000 007D F093
E-10 Para Beetle Challenge: 656C 0000 007E 1CC9
E-11 Magical Note Blocks 2: B3DB 0000 0080 4E1C
E-12 Airship 1: 660E 0000 0081 0A27
E-13 Chill Cavern: A8C9 0000 0081 33FA
E-16 Castle a Go-Go: BC9E 0000 0082 FFF5
E-17 Frappe Snowland: 3245 0000 0083 25D7
E-18 Frozen Fortress: A403 0000 0084 0A35
E-19 Brick Maze: 2967 0000 0085 E914
E-21 60 Seconds: 3A6B 0000 0087 5003
E-22 Ropeland: 81A6 0000 0087 E28E
E-24 Clear Skies: B111 0000 0084 2101
E-25 Koopahari Cavern: 637A 0000 008A CB63
E-26 Aqua Bars of Doom: 3305 0000 008B 706A
E-27 The Gauntlet: EF71 0000 008C BC39
E-28 Hammer Bro. Ship: 240D 0000 008E C639
E-29 Bowser's Airship - Part 1: 1E56 0000 008F 0485
E-30 Bowser's Airship - Part 2: FFD8 0000 008F 9487

SEGA discusses the struglges of creating Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for 3DS

A portion of a Game-Watch interview with dev Yosuke Okunari...

GW: It seems like the base porting was a hassle in itself, but what would you say was the most difficult aspect with 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2? Was this an overall difficult port?

Yosuke Okunari (below YO): As I mentioned in the previous interviews, Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic 2 were all Mega Drive titles that we wanted to include for Batch 1, but we held off on them because M2 considered them to be technically challenging at the time.

Out of the three titles, Sonic 2 looked as if it would have the most technical issues during development, so we’ve decided to have it as the bookend of the series. If you just casually think about it, you might make the mistake that converting Sonic 2 would a simple task, considering Sonic The Hedgehog has already been worked on. However, there were several new hurdles we had to overcome for Sonic 2.

First off, there is a monumental increase in volume. There’s not much of a difference based on the number of stages, but there are nearly double the amount in terms of zone variety. Sonic 1 consisted of six zones, with three acts per zone, totaling to about nineteen levels plus special stages. Sonic 2 consists of eleven zones, with two acts up to Zone 7 and only Zone 8 having three acts. There are also Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, and Death Egg, which all totals up to twenty stages. On top of all of that, we needed to turn the special stage into 3D, so there were lots of hurdles to overcome.

Full interview here

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final devs are out to make the best 3DS RPG ever

The following info comes from a Famitsu interview with Producer Kazuyuki Yamai)...

- team members were wondering what to do for a Maniax-like release for Shin Megami Tensei IV
- the team realized they had to make a completely new title
- the devs wanted to make “everything clear”, which is why they put “Final” in the title
- the story is told in an ambiguous way
- players will wonder whether they should bond with others or kill them all
- the devs really wanted to see Navarre return this time around
- the devs expect he will be able to “expand” on the drama, which is why they brought him back
- devs improved on everything they could in the game (including conversing with demons)
- fan feedback was used and every single aspect that could be tweaked via that input has been
- devs are out to make the best RPG on Nintendo 3DS

SteamWorld Heist blog update - Ambassador Challenge #10

This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge is: take a photo of anything from SteamWorld… in the real world! What this means is you have to get creative. Maybe you can reenact a shootout from SteamWorld Heist by taking cover behind your sofa and pointing your finger gun at the camera? All donned in your coolest hat, of course. Or if you have a big pile of dirt somewhere… Why not climb it and strike Rusty’s victory pose from SteamWorld Dig? The world is your playground.

Full update here