Playtonic discusses their old-school approach to creating Yooka-Laylee

Coming from an Examiner interview with Playtonic Games' boss Gavin Price...

"One of the biggest things is actually the way we work. We don’t have this massive upfront design doc., which you would be expected to produce if you were at a big publisher. Everyone can sign off on it and have visibility of it, and we’re not like that, we’re a small group of guys who have gone back to how it used to be on the N64.

"We are naturally evolving the game bit by bit, trying new things and being experimental. Anyone can chip in with a creative idea from anywhere. [Being independent] has given us the freedom to do those things. Now it means we can do anything, we’re not limited by having to have someone else sign off on it. If we want a pink unicorn riding section in the game, we’ll have one (laughs)."