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CONFIRMED - Famitsu reveals Monster Hunter 3G 3DS, 3DS second slide pad

There you go, my friends. Both bits of news have been confirmed. Everything below the line is information that was leaked prior to the Famitsu image snippets.

If you're wondering, Monster Hunter series supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto says the circle pad accessory provides a good grip on the system and is the "secret weapon" which will allow you to play 3G in the same style as Tri on Wii.


Things are getting interesting, my friends! Tuesday usually brings about the weekly Famitsu news, and while we wait for this week's info, we're hearing that two big rumors are confirmed in this issue.

- Monster Hunter 3G, a 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series
- new first party Nintendo peripheral that expands the 3DS with a second slide pad or dpad that attaches next to the system's face buttons

This isn't confirmed just yet, and we'll be waiting for images from Famitsu itself before we believe it. Stay tuned for more info, and hopefully a confirmation later tonight!

Link UPDATE - Here are some more supposed details... - 3DS attachment also features an R2 button on the top
- slide pad itself is said to look identical to the system's current slide pad
- release date and price TBA
- attachment clips onto the whole 3DS
- attachment sticks out 1cm at left, 2-3 cm at right, 2cm at bottom and 2-3 cm thickness
- Monster Hunter 3G is an enhanced port of Monster Hunter Tri
- 3G due out this year in Japan
- will feature 12 weapon types and allow for the underwater fighting seen in the Wii original
- local multiplayer included, but online specifics not mentioned
- touch the touch screen to make your character automatically face a monster
- new main cover monster named Blakidios
Link, Link, Link,Link

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