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Nintendo investor meeting - Wii U tentative release dates, software details, 3DS goals and more

- Plan to enhance the line-up for 3ds internationally
- children are increasingly asking for 3ds as xmas present
- Nintendo says beginner, middle and core gamers are all related
- Nintendo is dedicated to expanding the gamer audience
- more collaborations with third parties, including content for networks
- Nintendo won't allow another gap in software releases
- steady stream of software to be released next year
- 16m 3DS hardware target is not conservative but aggressive
- priority this year is 3DS hardware sales, profitability sacrificed
- aiming to grow 3DS to being core platform
- opportunity for StreetPass in USA is small
- implied release of Wii U later than June 2012
- assumption of Wii U launch in Japan in Sept., EU/NA in November
- Wii U final version will be shown at e3 next year
- aim of accelerating digital offerings
- Pokemon game may be hitting in Spring, might be related to PokePark 2


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