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Nintendo Power - Super Mario 3D Land, Rayman Origins review details

Super Mario 3D Land: 9/10
+Different and great styles of Mario platforming for everyone
+Great 3D

-More advanced moves (long jump, somersaults) are completely optional.
-Not very creative

Overall: "A true triple-A title...Natural evolution of the series...Not as much content as Galaxies but still plenty..Blows away all of the previous handheld Marios."

Rayman Origins: 9.5/10 (Wii)
+Beautiful art
+Inspired soundtrack that amplifies the manic atmosphere
+Nothing plain or boring
+Extremely fluid
+Some of the "tightest" level design in the reviewers' 26 year experience with platformers
+Great at creating sense of momentum
+Perfect difficult
+Great multiplayer
+Always introducing new concepts

Overall: "Best Rayman game ever made. A platforming masterpiece."



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