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Super Mario 3D Land - impressions

I think the thing that strikes me the most is all the little things that you’d invariably miss the first time round, only to spot them when you play again. All the little visual touches, the audio cues to games from the past, the way that long-established genre staples have been evolved to suit this game. Toad’s house has that tune playing when you go in, some Goombas have Tanooki tails that waggle as they run, you jump on an enemy and the coin is instantly added to your running total rather than you having to go chasing it. All little things admittedly but the joy is in the detail and the way Nintendo have taken existing things and re-invigorated everything for a modern audience is very clever and SM3DL is full of incidental tweaks like this. You cannot help but just sit and stare at it all in wonder.

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