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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

Aonuma - Zelda doesn't fit into any genre perfectly, should never resemble other games

“Zelda doesn’t fit into any gaming genre perfectly. Of course there are certain techniques and certain basics that are similar throughout the series, but really what we are striving to do with each new Zelda is offer a new world for people to enjoy and to experience. Over 25 years, while we’ve been working on the Zelda series and creating the games, we’ve always had a wealth of ideas, which I think is what has kept us going all these years. ...On the other hand I do believe that all the Zelda games since have offered new aspects. A Zelda game should never be similar to anything else or resemble other games. This is always what we aim for, and that striving for uniqueness is the common denominator across the series.” - Eiji Aonuma

I can't think of any other game that gives me that Zelda experience. There have been titles to cull ideas from it, but nothing that really matches Zelda. The same goes for Mario games. Maybe that's why I love Nintendo so much!



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