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3DS firmware update - more details, footage

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- Streetpass Plaza can now use Spotpass
- meet new Miis through wi-fi, as opposed to passing them
- 7 new puzzles for Puzzle Swap
- puzzle is broken up into more pieces, 4 of which are only obtainable through Spotpass
- unlock Find Mii 2 by collecting all the hats from Find Mii 1
- New hats unlockable for your Mii in Find Mii 2
- Streetpass Plaza has a set of goals
- 78 total "Accomplishments"
- Accomplishments range from "Pass a certain number of people" to things like "Break a certain colored shield in Find Mii"
- Streetpass Plaza has a soundtest with 35 songs
- Streetpass Map: A map that gets colored in based on people you meet from different places
- 3D video recording is now possible
- Record videos up to 10 minutes
- delete videos/photos from the 3DS
- Transfer your download 3DS titles to a separate 3DS
- ability to store your credit card information
- scan a QR code, the system can be made to jump to the product home page or e-Shop entry
- 3D video support allows you to change playback speed and audio tone, and also play backwards
- save individual frames

Thanks to SBB_GameMaster for the heads up!

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