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Resident Evil: Revelations - more info on voice work, enemies and multiplayer

- includes both English and Japanese (with English subtitles) voiceovers
- Chris Redfield is performed by Hiroki Tochi
- Jill Valentine is performed by Atsuko Yuya
- voice tracks in four other European languages
- the virus in Revelations is the T-Abyss virus
- this is a marine virus based on the T-Virus
- Veltro possess enough to contaminate one-fifth of the world’s oceans
- the name of the bio-scanner is the Genesis
- this allows you to scan enemies and look for hidden items
- it can also detect invisible B.O.W.s
- all enemies from the game’s single player story mode will appear in the co-op Raid Mode
- they will also have new abilities
- this includes higher defense or higher attack power
- up to 2 players can play Resident Evil: Revelations’ Raid Mode cooperatively
- can be played cooperatively either locally or over the Internet


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