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GameFly - Retail not going away, just evoloving

"I don't think retail is going away. But I think retail will evolve. Or the smart ones will evolve. I think it's consumer behaviour is changing, number one. Number two, Apple has set the bar real high for retail experience. So if you don't have a great physical retail experience I think you'll suffer. Buying physical things online, people have become more and more comfortable with that. There's digital, and it's also, and I don't know GAME's management, but it's also how was the business managed? Was it managed well? I think it's probably a bunch of those things." - Gamefly co-founder Sean Spector

I really do enjoy the retail experience, so I'd hate to think that it would disappear. I like being able to buy things online as well, but there's just something about walking into a physical store and buying a game that can't be beat.

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