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Famitsu - details on AKB48+Me, Senran Kagura Burst


- girls will appear in Mii form
- play the role of a prospective AKB48 candidate
- play a story that grows over the course of 3 years
- work towards becoming a member yourself
- includes the full list AKB events
- this includes television appearances and meet-ups
- stage events take the form of a rhythm game
- this features AKB48 member Miis dancing and singing
- also features "AKB Theater" mode where you create your own stage
- includes a mode where you can try on new outfits
- due out this year

Senran Kagura Burst

- additional 3D support, but not during action scenes
- view the locker room
- this is where you dress your female ninjas up
- this is also in 3D
- take control of the rivals from the first game
- the rival girls will be joined by their teacher Suzune
- she has a 97cm bust size and a low cut dress
- currently 81% complete
- will be released on August 30th in Japan
- ¥5,980
- includes a visual book, drama CD and soundtrack CD
- the cover girl of the book will be selected by fan voting at the game's official site

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