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Nintendo talks the success of the eShop, but there's room for improvement

The Internet connection ratio forms the basis for deploying a digital business. In the case of Nintendo 3DS, the net connection ratio has been growing gradually. In the Japanese and the U.S. markets, over 70% of the hardware units sold have been connected to the Internet, which is the highest ratio among all the handheld video game systems Nintendo has launched. Also, as time goes by, a gradual increase has been observed, which is a sign of sound growth. In contrast, the ratio in the European and Australian markets is about 50%, which is not a satisfactory level yet. However, when we make the comparison with the previous handheld game systems in the same markets, the situation has significantly improved.

And, consumers are not visiting the Nintendo eShop only once. The number of repeat visitors has largely grown in comparison to that for our previous platforms such as the Wii and the Nintendo DSi. This trend has been maintained even after the turn of the year.

Of course, we know that the Nintendo eShop still has room for improvement. However, we have a strong feeling that the foundation for us to deploy our digital businesses has been properly laid out.


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