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Spector talks about the music of Epic Mickey 2, says there's enough content for an album

"There is certainly a musically thematic thing going on because the other thing that inspired us was that if you go back to the original Mad Doctor cartoon in 1933, the only time he ever has a voice in that cartoon is when he sings. I thought that was really funny so the main singer in the game is the Mad Doctor. Other characters chime in but the Mad Doctor has a personality and a voice so all the songs that he participates in have to be true to that. So I'd say there's a theme. (There are) enough (songs) that we can certainly put out a soundtrack album if Disney wants us to. I hope they do." - Warren Spector

The music in the first game was pretty great. With a bigger focus on music this time around, I'm thinking a soundtrack would be a good idea!


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