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Skylanders sold more toys than Activision thought, TV show/movie possiblE

"When you launch any new IP you always hope it's going to be big. We had very high hopes for it, but it far exceeded our expectations as far as how hot it was. As far as toys to software, it was maybe two or three times what we thought it was going to be. It was a lot higher than we anticipated." - Activision's Noah Kircher-Allen

Kircher-Allen went on to say that while nothing is in the works, a movie/TV show featuring Skylanders is possible.

"Skylanders is a long-term franchise, so you can imagine all sorts of cool new stuff coming out. Everything from Halloween costumes to books to comic books. As far as film or TV is concerned, we don't have anything officially set for that yet, but obviously that would be something I could see Activision looking into in the future."

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