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RUMOR - Nintendo customer service confirms black Wii U

Reader Sandersen supposedly got this from a Nintendo of America rep after shooting over an email...

"Finally, I can confirm that the Wii U will be released in both Black and White. In case you hadn't yet had the opportunity, I wanted to let you know that everything we have available to share regarding Wii U has been added to our website. Here's a direct link:


Additional details (like price and release date) will be unveiled later this year; however, we don't have any specific
dates or events to announce yet. I encourage you to keep checking our website's "What's New" section (http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew) for the latest information.

Thanks again for your email!


Jay Dean
Nintendo of America"

That's the image provided if you hit up the link suggested in the email. Certainly looks like the black Wii U will be available at launch, but let's wait for an official press release from Nintendo.

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