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n-Space says Winter isn't dead, but haven't had the right chance to make it happen

“Frankly, I don’t think the office has ever stopped rumbling about Winter. There’s an intense amount of love among the team for the game. And the more we’ve seen the survival horror genre switch its focus from surviving to reloading, the more we feel the market is hungry for a game like Winter. So what’s the bottom line? The bad news is that we haven’t yet found the right opportunity. The good news is that Winter is just like any good horror movie monster. It’s not dead.” - n-Space

Could n-Space actually get Winter released on the 3DS or Wii U? Seems like the company hasn't given up on the game yet. Let's hope it does see release on some Nintendo platform in the future.


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User avatar
19 Aug 2012 13:25

Yep Winter is Undead...
User avatar
19 Aug 2012 13:26

I would love for Winter to show up on the Wii U eshop. Lets hope it happens one day.
User avatar
19 Aug 2012 13:29

What platform was it heading too?
User avatar
19 Aug 2012 13:57

sweet...that game looked awesome, i really hope something come out of it.
User avatar
19 Aug 2012 15:19

I'd love to see Winter... on ANY platform! It'd still be great on Wii. A lot of work on Wii U. And pretty darn cool on 3DS!
User avatar
19 Aug 2012 19:38

It was an interesting set up... Don't know what kind of game they were trying to create around it though. Was it just going to be you walking around with a flashlight, mixed in with some kinda sh**ty combat?

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