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User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:26

Phoenix is back?! Day 1.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:28

Looks good, Phoenix 's hair looks different and the art looks good. I can't tell if they are 3d models or 2d
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:29

Wow! This game is looking amazing already!
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:29

i want maya fey back =[. she didnt even appear in Apollo.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:29

Emo Payne?! Yours is truly a strange world AA...
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:37

Ah, didn't see those two last ones...those are 3D models?! o.O
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:41

It's 2D? I hope the characters animate far more fluently than they used to, or Level 5 will have this game trumped with Layton vs Ace Attorney. It looks good, but I worry about it being out-shined in this regard.

... If those are 3D models color me impressed though. They look incredibly like the are style of the previous games.
No Avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:43

so, ya ever gonna follow up on Apollo and Trucy? Cuz I'm really wondering about that
No Avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:45

did anyone else get a phantom detecve vibe from that new chick
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 20:54

@Windsor They are 3D models according to details we just got.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 21:16

Wow, these models are fantastic!
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 21:26

Phoenix looks a little fatter. I like how he appears to have stolen Godot's waist jacket.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 21:33

Please Capcom, bring it to the US!
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 21:52

Good to see Phoenix back but I hope that doesn't mean Apollo has fallen off the face of the earth. The ending of Apollo Justice left so many questions unanswered that I hope they didn't just decide to abandon all the potential story lines they had.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 22:03

The 3D models look much better than I feared, though I still think the old 2D art had a higher bar of quality, I can understand the freedom of animation 3D allows and how it could benefit this series. At any rate, color me pumped! Hopefully they localize this, and use its upcoming release as a reason to localize AAI2 on the eShop and generate hype...hint hint.
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 22:41

give me give me give me!
User avatar
04 Sep 2012 23:45

All the 3D models look good, except for Phoenix. He looks...odd.

I'll miss the awesome sprites for sure, but these 3D models are really good looking that it almost retains the sprite feel to the game.
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 00:40

I frellin' can't wait! O_O

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