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Pokemon rip-off 'Little Masters' hits iOS

Another Nintendo-related clone has been made available on iOS. Just check out this footage from Little Masters and see if it's a little too close to Nintendo's Pokemon series.

Think Nintendo will get this one yanked from the service? I guess we'll find out!


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User avatar
06 Sep 2012 19:22

You can see the Pokemon influence not bad for freeware
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 19:27

music doesn't really mesh w/ the retro visuals IMHO.
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 19:28

Wow, that looks like a really dull game... Pokemon without any of the exploration.
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 19:50

Even down to the sprite structures...
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 20:10

I could have sworn that Grass Bird was Pokemon fan art someone drew up and posted on Youtube...
No Avatar
06 Sep 2012 20:36

I could have sworn you"ve shown it already.
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 20:39

So I heard you like mudkips.

Here's a mudkip clone!
User avatar
06 Sep 2012 20:53

Lol crappy game is crappy. The story doesn't make sense and its like pokemon battling with a digimon touch(getting eggs by defeating them).
No Avatar
06 Sep 2012 22:13

Still looks better than some of the countless Pokemon ROM hacks...okay, no, this STILL looks worse.
User avatar
07 Sep 2012 00:13

God this looks terrible.

This kind of terrible crap is sadly too common for mobile gaming, which according to developers, is suppose to make console and handheld gaming obsolete. Yeah, this really has those guys shaking in their boots! XD
User avatar
07 Sep 2012 00:53

I can't believe GoNintendo would promote something like this.
No Avatar
07 Sep 2012 04:05

sonic7877 wrote:I can't believe GoNintendo would promote something like this.

Slow news day, very slow.
No Avatar
07 Sep 2012 04:41

They're acknowledging that it's out. They also state nintendo will probably yank it. Does it really kill all of you to skip past it if you disagree with giving it your time?
No Avatar
12 Sep 2012 00:12

There's a new Little Masters forum out already!


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