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Gravity Falls episode features Donkey Kong, Street Fighter homages

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12 Sep 2012 04:27

Haha, knew that was Paul's stuff.
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 06:16

Saw this episode a few days ago, pretty cool.
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12 Sep 2012 06:26

Shows like this are what make those 'cartoons are crap these days' comments all the more irritating. This is a brilliant series, easily the best cartoon on TV at the moment. Great animation, consistently amusing dialogue, entertaining story lines, everything is pretty much spot on. It's awesome to see Disney finally getting back into producing quality toons.
Especially amazing how they went the exrtra mile and got Paul in to do some real honest-to-goodness sprite animation. It makes the parodies feel so much more authentic.

Additionally, it's pleasing to see cartoons are steadily branching away from 'lol, space invaders and pac man!!!', as people who actually played video games when they were kids get into the business. It's clear the GF guys know their stuff.

(Love how the Mario 2-esque select screen was all Soos's dream btw. That was clever.)
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 09:01

You forgot to throw Final Fight in there too.
No Avatar
12 Sep 2012 09:29

"Oh my car" seems to make more sense than "Oh my god"
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 09:43

More Final Fight than Street Fighter, but since they take place in the same universe, I'll allow it. :)
No Avatar
12 Sep 2012 10:11

@lotso shoes

Agreed. This, Phineas and Ferb, and Fish Hooks are some of the better animated series out there right now
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 11:14

I'm liking the cartoons we have now: Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Phineas and Ferb show that cartoons still have it in them to be entertaining not just to kids, but to everyone.
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 11:51

I love Gravity Falls and this was brilliant. It's the kind of show that happens when people respect their audience.
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 13:46

lotso shoes wrote:branching away from 'lol, space invaders and pac man!!!', as people who actually played video games when they were kids get into the business. It's clear the GF guys know their stuff.

yup! Getting sick of video games in cartoons only being bleep-bloopy Space Invaders things, nice to see something "new".
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 14:04

@lotso shoes@Da_RaY@Sylverstone14

Agreed so much (though I'll confess I'm actually neutral about Fish Hooks, it's not a bad show, but it's also not exactly something I watch regularly, it's more of a "if nothing else is on" kind of show, to me at least).

I'm especially growing tired of those "everything today is crap" comments. I'm also getting sick of people who make stupid comments like "Cartoon Network is 80% live action today." Really? It wasn't even 80% live acton when that failed "CN Real" block was on TV! It's ALWAYS been a cartoon majority on that channel. Now with CN Real gone, the only live action show even on the network is Level Up, and 1 live action program hardly equals these bull**** percentages people keep throwing around places like YouTube.

Alright, enough of that tangent. Anyway, this is pretty awesome, and even more so that they got Paul Robertson to do the sprite art (love his non-rule 34 work, especially the sprite work he did in the Scott Pilgrim game).
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 18:20

This be my favorite show right here.
The only thing I really like from Disney though.. Actually it's pretty much the only cartoon I like since Adventure Time started pandering to the Shipper Crowd.

Anyway', there's another reference in the credits, where it looks like just a bunch of garbled up nonsense, if you do the three letter's back cypher, it spells out "Sorry Dipper, Your Wendy is in another castle"

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